Living in Your Loving Self: The Freedom of Boundaries


Are you tired, overwhelmed or burned out because you are tending to the needs of others over your own?

Do you find yourself saying yes when what you really mean is no?

Is it just easier to say yes to make sure that the other person is appeased despite how that feels to you?

Do you struggle to understand where you end and others begin?

For those of us who are empathic and sensitive, understanding and maintaining boundaries can be difficult! On top of that, we may be so tuned into what others are feeling that we sacrifice our own needs in order to not upset someone else…

We may even feel scared at the thought of shifting these relationship dynamics; the fear of saying no and potentially “losing” someone or something can keep us in a state of self-defeating actions and behaviors…And even though the relationship pattern is no longer serving us, it may be all we know.

Poor boundaries can lead to burn-out and illness as well as anxiety and depression.

Yet we may feel trapped in this pattern…unable to understand how to shift the energy and regain our sense of power. We may feel overwhelmed and fearful even thinking about it.

But learning to have and maintain healthy boundaries may be one of the most empowering and liberating gifts you could ever give yourself. Understanding your energy and how to consciously co-create relationship dynamics that uphold your wellbeing (and as a result that of others) creates more energy, time and abundance in your life. It frees you up to step into joyful relationships and activities and it creates space for you to enjoy them.

Join me at Heart Space Atlanta on October 8th from 10:00-1:00 for Living in Your Loving Self: The Freedom of Boundaries, a workshop focused on US! We will tune into, meditate, examine and explore our physical and energetic bodies and how we interact (or don’t) with them and with those of others. By the end of the day, you will:

  • Have tools to help you develop and strengthen yourself in ways that will allow for a natural shift of boundaries
  • Understand the concept of fluid boundaries and what that means for you (and how it helps you to navigate a wide range of energies and relationships)
  • Feel more empowered to be assertive and only give away what you truly feel to be for the best and highest good of all involved
  • Understand how creating healthy boundaries is an expression of self-love that ultimately empowers and liberates you and those you love

You will also receive handouts and a free energy clearing meditation download that will help you maintain your energy body and reinforce your natural and healthiest state of being.


Class is from 11:00-2:00 on Saturday, October 8th at Heart Space Atlanta.

The workshop is $80.

“I am calmer, more intuitive and I take care of myself first before I do anything else. I listen to ‘my inner voice’ more and am gentle with myself. I am also connected to myself again and I feel like I am back in my body vs. being out of it.”


“I feel like my entire being is better balanced ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have lost weight since I’ve been back, and find I am needing to eat less. I’m eating more nutritionally vs. emotionally, and find that my typical comfort foods are not at all appealing any more. I have more compassion for others, and am able to practice active listening without feeling the need to solve other people’s problems. I feel like a veil has been lifted. I feel more lucid, less reactive, more in touch with my intuition, more empowered to set boundaries. I feel like for the first time, I am living my life from an adult place, rather than from the wounds of my childhood.”


“AMAZING!!!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about you two. Together you guys literally bring all the knowledge needed for any type of situation, because you both have lived through and moved through SO much! I think that their powers combined are tenfold, and they really just flow right off one another. I noticed how in group neither one of you ever talked over the other, and each one of you responded to someone and it was the right person to respond. It was so perfect! I love the combination of the energy you two have. It is really truly magical!!! You each are very supportive, loving, nurturing, but also very honest and tell you how it is (in the right way!) I appreciate how open you both are with divulging your own experiences to help all of us with ours. You both are like big sisters, mothers, best friends, therapists, life coaches, and healers all rolled into one!”


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