The pulse

of the


beats within


The blood of the goddess runs through you, the Creatrix energy that birthed the Universe births itself anew through you.

She is a sacred dwelling within your heart, your womb…

…and just as she dwells within you, so too do you reside deep within her essence.

And she is here to remind you of how powerful you are, how grace-filled, holy and wise.

Together, we are remembering ourselves into wholeness, and it is through this that we create a new earth.

There was a time when women were revered, when they were honored and valued for their wisdom, their life creating and giving gifts, and their capacity to commune with the Goddess.

A time when women were respected as sacred and holy, when blood rites were honored and and the female body revered as a sacred temple…

…a time when women stood shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart with their sisters and brothers, consciously co-creating in a partnership model of society in which all thrived equally.

Before the rise of patriarchy, we knew who we were. And then years of suppression of our gifts and persecution for sharing our innate healing powers drove us underground. We held back, we hid, we quieted our voices.

Your magic is


The goddess is


your power

As a Creatrix

But now

we are in

a great


Together, as we remember our power, our glory, our magnificence, we raise one another up, and we claim the truth of who we are.



is rising

because it is


There is much work to be done, much healing, much loving.

And as each of us re-members who we truly are: witch, priestess, oracle, creatrix, shamaness, medicine woman…

…we activate the codes of remembrance in others.

This is not about gaining control over another.

It is about allowing the Divine Feminine to rise so that both this essence and that of the Divine Masculine can be healed.

We are on the leading edge of a powerful timeline shift in which we begin to move once again towards a partnership model of society…

…a model of co-creation in which we are all honored for the unique magic that we bring into the world, and in which we are valued for the innate worthiness of who we are.

You are holy,
you are sacred,
you are divine.

Together, we are re-weaving our world, creating one in which we are all valued as the divine lights that we are.

Meggan Watterson

Janet Raftis has such profound healing energy, just her presence alone is transformative. She is tremendously gifted.

Meggan Watterson

Author of Reveal, Mary Magdalene Revealed, and The Divine Feminine Oracle

WHAT is a

Quantum Creatrix?

As a quantum creatrix, I use my divine feminine energy to play with the Field of Source potential. I understand the fluidity and infinite possibility within the Universe and I interact with it in a loving and creative way that is able to yield transformational healing results for my clients. Together, the Field and I create an optimum space for you to be able to access the healing potential within you and available to you.

What is a

Pythia Priestess?

The Pythia came to me in the early summer of 2022 while I was preparing for a 4-day Red Tent event that I was hosting with Ina Lukas. They came in hot with a message and mission for the Red Tent: to weave new timelines along with a multidimensional crew of healers across time and space that would make the patriarchy tremble.

As my relationship with the Pythia unfolded, they shared with me that I am one of them and that I carry the lineage of the Dragon Priestesses within me. The ancient Dragon Priestesses, such as the Pythia, were devotees of the great Mother Goddess and they channeled her wisdom.

Torrey DeVitto

“Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness.She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on and lending her hand in helping you through your own self-discovery.I am so grateful for our connection and all I am learning and all that’s awakening in me through our work together. Janet is truly a wonderful person and teacher!”

Torrey DeVitto

Actress& Activist


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