I attended a great event this past week with a wonderful business coach, Monica Shah. I went in with the intention that I wanted to learn how to organize my time and energy better so that I can increase my sales. I have been blessed to be in a line of work (play, really) that I adore and lately I’ve been starting with many new clients and my base is growing quite nicely. 

What I discovered, though, is that I’m still holding myself back. That is not to say that I haven’t been doing a lot of really great things, because I have. I was actually shocked to see all of the progress that I’ve been making in my business: It’s fantastic and it feels great! That said, I have hugged the lines of safety in many areas and instances and I’ve been afraid to open fully to setting up a business model that will allow me – and my clients – to fully thrive.

And as I’ve been scrambling to some extent to earn money, I haven’t been able to hone in on what I really do best, which is help others go through major life transitions. What I discovered over the last few days is: The more I step into my power and let my light shine, the more space I create for those I work with to do the same.

I looked closely at my clients that are fully committed to their healing process and making incredible strides in their lives. They are shifting and changing and growing and doing amazing things like transitioning careers in order to move into one they truly love, writing books, leaving unhappy relationships and/or opening up to love again. Miracles and magic are an everyday part of my life because of the transformations that I get to take part in with them. 

Miracles and magic are happening in my life too and I want to continue along on this beautiful ride. In order to do that, I’ve decided to create a lot of changes in the way I run my business, starting with adding some exciting breakthrough programs to the line-up and exploring ways in which I can be so fully in my power that I am able to be of the highest amount of service to those that play this beautiful game of expansion with me.

Within this process, I am also letting go of a few things that have been very special to me over the past two years, but that are creating energy leaks that are holding me back from what I feel my true purpose to be. And so I’m breaking up with all things Totem Guidance. I’ve let go of the Facebook page and I’m releasing the weekly reading. Thank you so much to all of you that have supported it and loved it right along with me, and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings us.

When we say “Yes” to Spirit, open our hearts to her, and release that which holds us back, she provides us with as many exclamation points as we are open to receiving. I’m ready for the next step, for the something more. How about you?