“When you speak your truth, things that are not true get burned away.”  -Tom Kenyon

There is a light in our truth that is full and bright. It’s as if when we find our alignment with it, we can begin to release the story that we have spent a lifetime clinging to, merely because it seemed to define us in a way that felt safe or made sense.

On an energetic level, our stories reflect years of experience, each a little glimpse of events that happened and feelings that have been felt that have stored themselves in our energy bodies. These imprints are just that – happenings that present a picture or a video of all the different things that have made us us. They show up through images, sensations, feelings and more. They are our complete history, unbiased and pure.

Emotionally, we take these events and we experience feelings around what they mean for us. Our emotions arise and oftentimes, because they are uncomfortable or because they feel threatening or because we just can’t, we push them down and away and hope that we can just leave them in a forgotten corner of our psyche. We may even do a good job of allowing the cobwebs to form around these emotions, believing that the more mesh that forms, the more safely hidden our selves will be. This can be a highly protective measure, and it may play an important role in our ability to move forward – for a time.

Just like the energetic body, the physical body can’t lie. Our minds can lie. They can tell us that it’s just better to stow things away, that feeling the pain will only make it worse, that we are fine and that everything will be great if we can just forget, if we can just push things down and away and “get on with it already.” But the body knows better. It’s smart and it’s truthful and it knows exactly what our light looks like. In fact, it loves our light and it craves it and it strives to be in alignment with it so that we can truly feel good and not just fake our way to an appearance of good.

And so when our light isn’t shining or when there are so many cobwebs covering our secrets that the light can’t reach them, the body begins to react. It may express itself as a disease, the physical manifestation of a rash or a headache, or as a pain in our shoulder (and anything in between). It may show itself as tears that start to flow for no apparent reason or as an angry outburst that we know to be inappropriate but that we can’t seem to stem anyway. But it will let us know. It can cripple us if we continue to look away, and it will carry on knocking on our door until we pay attention, until we acknowledge what’s going on, until we pull out the flashlight and the magnifying glass and ask the questions that need to be asked.

And when the light of truth begins to shine, the magic can begin. The stories that we’ve insisted on binding together into our personal tomes of carefully constructed reality can begin to restructure themselves. We get to do a rewrite, one that feels bold and empowering. We get to edit in a way that allows the distortions to dissipate and fade, to release and heal.

That’s when the stuff that isn’t true loses its hold on us. When our genuine essence begins to glow, its embers burn away the untruths that limited us and held us back from expressing who we truly are. It allows us to shine and that light helps us to find our way. We begin the journey to feeling and being whole. This can be our greatest triumph and our greatest gift. It is a miracle, a shift in perception that returns us to our true self.