Have you guys seen this incredibly tender, vulnerable video from Tiger Singleton? He spends over five minutes connecting soul-to-soul with the viewer (you, me) through continued, loving eye contact. I’ve done this in person before and it’s a very intense, beautiful, uncomfortable, and profound activity. I started watching the video and I was surprised to find that even though it was digital, I was experiencing the same thing. I truly felt so beautifully connected to this man that I had never seen before. Also at times I noticed myself wanting to find a distraction because it felt so alive and real. I had to actually kind of force myself to sit through the discomfort and accept the love that he was sharing with me. If you haven’t done this exercise, I encourage you to try it, either by clicking on the video or sharing the exercise with someone in your life.

This actually prompted a pretty major epiphany for me. True, lots has been leading up to it, as is usually the case with epiphanies, but it was huge nonetheless. Over the course of the few hours after my experience with the video, I noticed even more ways in which I hold back from giving and receiving love.

I am really good at sharing love when I set an intention around it. So, I can easily access love and vulnerability while sitting down to write an honest blog post, being in a session with a client, or while facilitating one of the groups or circles that I lead. I can identify a time and place to be open and I can do it, happily and lovingly.

But how can I show up more authentically in my moment-to-moment, day-to-day life? Is it possible for me to be more open on a consistent basis? Truly, to fully connect with others, I have to be willing to show up every day, and not just in private with my clients or friends, but in public and in public forums (even and maybe especially even) places like Facebook and Instagram.

I have been exploring this idea of cracking my heart wide open for a while now, and the idea of loving more fully is both exhilarating and terrifying.

Tiger Singleton did something really true. My guess is that it was both thrilling and scary-as-hell. And yet…he touched me in a way that I’ve rarely felt before. A total stranger opened his heart and was vulnerable so that he could connect with me (and as of right now 144, 831 others).

He’s moving some of us for sure, because this type of vulnerability is more than a breath of fresh air. It’s something that many of us are craving, seeking, and yearning to find. And I want to be able to provide that for others as well. If I can give some of that back to you, then my day feels more complete and my life a little more full.

How do we navigate the digital age in this respect? So much of it causes us to isolate and pull back. It gives us a way to experience the world without really living fully within it. We’ve changed and we connect less in a human-to-human way. When I see you in person, I’m likely to give you a huge hug, hold your hand, look straight into your eyes and listen to you. And when I don’t get to do that enough, I miss it. And you. So how can I create a spark similar to the one that Tiger has ignited when I’m not physically with you? I’m not sure, but I’ll be exploring it more fully as I move forward. (Now that I’ve made a public declaration, I’m committed.) I’d love for you to take this journey with me. Let me know how I can support you by commenting below or by joining me on social media. And if we’re already connected, then I would love for you to hold this intention with me and take the next steps alongside me.

A spark can grow into a flame if given the proper conditions. All it needs is oxygen and in this case, a lot of love.

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xoxo, Janet