From the time we are come into this world, we are shown how to mistrust our emotions and our experience of our bodies and the environment in which we find them. We are shushed and told not to cry, told to hide our emotions, taught to present a façade to the world that is not an accurate expression of what we are truly experiencing on the inside.

Even if we’ve never experienced trauma, per se, we’ve been modeled that our bodies/emotions/feelings aren’t trustworthy and so we begin to disassociate in ways that help us to be different or more “acceptable” to others. For those of us that have known trauma, the results are often far more extreme and we may spend the majority of our time numbed out to ourselves and our lives.

If we truly want to heal, we must begin the process of embodying our vessels, of feeling all the emotions, of connecting the dots and dredging up all that we stuffed away so very long ago. While it is a difficult process, it is ultimately rewarding.

I shared on News for the Soul on the importance of embodiment; not only why we need to remember this whole-istic manifestation of ourselves, but also how we can move towards it once again.

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Love and blessings!