The other day during a session, this message came through for my client: Wherever your feet are is exactly where you are supposed to be. A few hours later, another client’s guides were like, “Tell her about that message!” Spirit often sends me messages through my clients and this was one of those instances. It’s been in the forefront of my thoughts ever since.

There’s a lot of wisdom in the simple reminder to be wherever my feet are. I often forget to just stay present to what is happening to me in each moment. It’s pretty easy to find a way to distract myself and when the opportunity arises, I can be off and running in seconds. Mostly this is with respect to where my mind goes. There’s the little bit of me that can still get wrapped up in rewinding the past or in worry about the still undisclosed future. At other times, it can be a flurry of activity that is taking up space so that I don’t have to think about what is happening within me.

I remind myself on a continual basis to come back to the moment, to return to my feet. I stop throughout the days to breathe and get back in my body and have gotten pretty good at hitting my reset button. And yet…The button is still pretty active.

One of the things that came up for me as I’ve been contemplating this is the question of how to hold space for the future and my vision without getting caught up in it. How can I move toward my vision while still being grounded into the earth beneath my feet?

It wasn’t really an epiphany that came upon me, but it was an integration of information that finally occurred deeply within me – one that I’m allowing to settle into my cells more fully. The future is a collection of hundreds, thousands, even millions of steps, and each step is a choice. I create a fully present and embodied step or I create my future through a checked-out and absent-minded step. Either way, I am creating my future. And when I choose to be present to each moment, I get to show up in an authentic and self-actualized way. That doesn’t mean that some of my choices won’t be mistakes or that they will turn out differently than I had hoped. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t lose myself in Facebook or obsessive reading. It does mean, though, that when that happens, I’m fully present and aware of what needs to be shifted, tended, and/or nurtured. I look at my feet and tune into my now.

I get to hold my vision, while also being aware of what is working as I move along the path of getting there and what needs to be eradicated or changed. I get to feel full alignment with my higher self in a step-by-step dance with her throughout this journey. I get to celebrate. I get to scream and cry.  I get to make love and I get to struggle to find my words when things get tough. Being present to all of that allows me to experience all the sign-posts along the path and to really understand how it is all unfolding so that I can take my steps with intention and so that I can truly feel my steps as they move me towards my ever-evolving vision.