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How to Set a Kick Ass New Year’s Intention

I used to grimace at the thought of a New Year’s resolution, mostly because they usually failed. Typically, my resolution involved giving up a vice, so sometimes I just ignored it all together.  I didn’t want to actually make a commitment to my health and that it what I thought it meant. It was always hollow, a wispy wouldn’t-it-be-nice thought that sounded good in the moment. I only participated in this ritual because I thought I should ~ not because it felt good to me.

My resolutions were never sincere.

They never came from the heart. They always came from the head, and so I never connected with them.

In recent years I’ve begun intentionally working with intentions and I’ve had much better results.

In fact, the manifestation of my last year’s intention is still blowing my mind.

It IS possible to create dynamic and powerful change as we move into a new year. It’s really just a question of how we’re going to go about doing so.

Last year, some girlfriends and I each chose a word that we wanted to embrace and embody for the upcoming year. (This idea came from this blog post that one of my friends had read.) We shared the words and we opened our hearts to the why of them. One of my friends even made us cute bracelets with our words.

I chose EXPANSION because it captured how I wanted to FEEL in all areas of my life:
I wanted my business to grow (and holy crap did it ever!).

I wanted my personal relationships to expand ~ and now I have an even wider circle of loves around me.

I wanted my heart to open and to hold more love. It cracked wide open so many times this past year that I lost count.

Did I lose some things along the way? Yes.

The energies in my life that weren’t up for expansion dropped away to make room for more growth. In some cases, this was sad. In others, it was welcomed.In all, it was ultimately fulfilling.

And I grew and I grew.

I focused on this word and I invited it into every corner of my life. I asked Spirit to help me, and my girlfriends supported my vision and held me accountable. I imagined what my life would look like in an expanded state and how it would feel

I was really honest with myself. 

When I struggled, I asked myself: What can I do here to grow? How can I push myself to move through this and open up to more possibility?

I asked EXPANSION to support me and challenge me and push me to embrace it.

It was hard. It was scary. It was gorgeous.

I’m not sure yet what my new word will be, but you better believe I’ll have one. And I’m going to savor it just like I did this last one. Expansion is still living and breathing within me and because I incorporated and integrated it so fully, it always will be.  I can’t wait to do the same again.

In fact, this year, I’m going to add a little ceremony to my intention setting as well. Here is a simple ceremony you can use too if this is not something that you have tried before. Personalize it as much as you like and add in any tools that you are familiar and comfortable with.
Meditate and allow the word to come to you.

You don’t have to be a seasoned meditator to do this. Just close your eyes, breathe from your body, get quiet and ask your higher self to reveal to you the word that your heart most wants to embrace.

Sit with the word and let it saturate your body.

Feel it seep into your cells and set your intention to allow it to live and breathe through and with you.

3) Light a candle with the intention that it will light the way for you.

Say a prayer of gratitude to Spirit for supporting you in this endeavor.

5) Write down on a piece of paper any blocks or apprehensions that could potentially get in your way.

Be really, really honest with yourself.

6) Ask yourself if you are truly willing to let them go.

(If you aren’t, find someone to support you in your healing or to help you process your limiting beliefs.)

7) Safely burn the paper and thank Spirit for helping you to release your blocks.

8) Repeat Step 2. Be loving with your word.

9) Put the word somewhere you will see it often.

Express gratitude to it and to yourself for taking this next step.

How do your resolutions grow? Feel free to share any tips or insights you have below.

Happy New Year!

5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday

While it is true that the holidays are a time of giving, if we don’t give to ourselves first, we end up running from a space of depletion, which can quickly lead to overwhelm and resentment.

In order to feel truly generous and giving, it is necessary for us to feel full and that can be hard to pull off when there is a lot of frantic energy surrounding us and way too many things to do. Even the most well-planned of us can find ourselves scrambling to pick up things we forgot and last minute gifts.

The energy on the streets has been building since Thanksgiving and with so much going on, things are starting to get a little wonky out there (check out thisblog post from a friend on wounded child holidays – it’s all around us!).

We are sensitive beings. And we pick up on that stuff.

Even those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas have to deal with the dark side of this holiday.

So how can we keep our spirits high and have a truly happy holiday season?

1)  Nourish Yourself First!

This is a case of making sure to put our own gas masks on first. If we don’t fill ourselves up from the inside, we won’t have anything authentic to share with others.

We can take time each morning to either meditate or engage in some activity that allows us to: a) be alone, b) breathe, and c) tune into ourselves and our needs.

2)  During this quiet time, ask yourself how you can best honor yourself throughout the day. And then do it!

(It’s best if we can build some fun in too.)

3)  If family time is hard for you (and it can be even in the closest of families) and you find yourself feeling annoyed, anxious or overloaded:

Stop, drop and breathe. This can be done anywhere and it is a great reset for your energy body.

Allow your belly to rise on the in-breath and fall on the out. Match the length or the exhale to the inhale and breathe slowly. If you have a lot to let out, allow your out-breath to forcefully push the air out of your belly and lungs and envision the energetic muck leaving you. Follow it with some sort of supercharged Universal Life Force energy on your in-breath.

If you are still struggling, find a way to take a time-out that allows you to get grounded and have some alone time. This is also a great time to tune into what we are focusing on with regards to honoring ourselves.

4)  Carry lavender oil with you. Use it. A lot.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with me, it might be Young Living lavender oil. Breathe it in, place it on your wrists, rub it on your temples, place it on your pillow as you lay down to sleep.

It is mommy’s original little helper, going back perhaps thousands of years. And it can help you get through just about anything.

5)  Take care of your energy body

This is important any day of the year, but even more so during a time of rush and stress. For those of us who are empaths or highly sensitive, picking up and carrying around energy from others is a challenge.

Start your day imagining that a beautiful filter of pink light is surrounding you. Set the intention that only loving thoughts and energy can get through this light to you.

At the end of the day, take a moment to brush yourself off and envision any energy that doesn’t correspond to you flying off of you and then transmuting in the air. I often imagine it as little sparks that ignite and transform the energetic debris into high vibrating Divine matter. Add a little sage oil for extra cleansing.  (Click here for more tips on how to keep your energy humming.)

Have a wonderful holiday! And if you have any tools that you enjoy using, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

Trigger Happy

Triggers are up right now. In many ways, ‘tis the season. The truth of the matter though is that triggers happen all the time. Sometimes we know we’re being triggered, but a lot of the time we don’t.

There are times too that we off-handedly mention being triggered, but we gloss over it or sweep it into the corner.

But when we lightly dismiss them or toss them aside, they don’t actually go away. They may hide out for a while, gently nudging us here and there, but then when we still aren’t paying attention to them – WHAM!

The trigger is back and this time it’s screaming even louder. It might even come back in the form of an illness or an accident so that it can really make us stop and listen.


Photo courtesy of Anna Gay,

At some point, we may even begin to feel like we’re losing control of our emotions or our lives.

We may hop in and out of relationships, basking in the glow of the honeymoon period and then high-tailing it when we things get real and the triggers start to pop again.

We wonder why intimacy is eluding us and why we are unhappy in our jobs…Why we are eating too much, drinking too much…Why we just can’t seem to pull it together…

FACT: Triggers will never just go away or disappear.

They may lay low for a while but then they will just get louder and stronger and more frequent until we actually stop and tend to them. Until we acknowledge and listen to them.

Triggers are our inner child’s way of letting us know that something isn’t right, that there is something within us that wants some attention…something that wants to go from a state of repressed imbalance to one of expressed balance.

You know how a baby cries or a toddler throws a tantrum when there is something happening that he doesn’t understand and he needs our attention to help him figure it out?

A trigger is an adult’s temper tantrum. But if we commit to paying attention, it doesn’t have to be. You see…

A trigger can actually be a gift.

It is our inner child saying, “I need you to look at me. I need you to pay attention to me. I have something to tell you.” Really, it most wants to be held.

Triggers tend to occur in moments unrelated to the actual event that “created” them, and so it seems easy to isolate or ignore them.

But if we ever want to be really free, truly able to manage and express our emotions in a healthy manner, we have to pay attention to our triggers.

We have to explore and honor them. We have to ultimately nurture them back into health.

Our inner child wants to know that we are listening and providing for her. She wants to know that she is safe.

A trigger is a beautiful indication that there is something within us that wants to be known. Moving through one is a blessing – an empowering and inspiring way of living that allows for growth and authentic self-expression.

Join me and Elicia Miller for our upcoming course: Emotional Healing & Your Inner Intuitive to learn from your triggers and heal the wounds and patterns causing them, as well as how to care for your energy body, honor your inner child, deepen your intuition and more! We will support and guide you through this beautiful and liberating process over the course of four weeks in Atlanta. Watch our video describing this powerful work, and for more details about our course HERE.

Stay tuned for more retreats and an online course as well!

Soul-Honored Community

I am so blessed.

I spent yesterday surrounded by people I love and who love me back ~ beautiful friends who have allowed me to expand my community and who have held me and allowed me to embrace them back.

I am part of a community of friends who ~ when we come together ~ speak and listen with our hearts.

There is little filtering and lots of expression of love. Anything goes from unicorns and fairies to science to irreverent jokes and cussing-just-because to Spirit. We share candidly and without fear of judgment.

We don’t need to use anything to lubricate or mask the experience. We allow ourselves to show up, with our hearts and silly, temporary tattoos on our sleeves.

We hold each other, both physically and metaphysically.

The connective force that weaves through it all is love.

A soul-honored community is a beautiful opportunity to experience who we are on a deeper level. When we choose our community with intention and with a deep desire to honor ourselves through our relation to others, we make choices that allow for growth and expansion.

We cease to place ourselves in connections that don’t uphold our highest good and we learn what it is to simultaneously stand in our power while also accepting authentic and loving support from others.

We begin to experience ourselves without shame or reproach and to see ourselves through eyes of compassion and love.

We laugh more and hug more. We cry more and express our entire range of emotions in a way that feels real and good. We feel seen and heard because we are received with understanding and empathetic support.

More than once last night, I looked around me with reverence. As I’ve opened my heart to experience more intimacy and love with others, I’ve been met at every step.

That is true love. And when I found it within me, I discovered it reflected back to and all around me.

With my beautiful soul sister and colleague, Elicia Miller

With my beautiful soul sister and colleague, Elicia Miller