I am so blessed.

I spent yesterday surrounded by people I love and who love me back ~ beautiful friends who have allowed me to expand my community and who have held me and allowed me to embrace them back.

I am part of a community of friends who ~ when we come together ~ speak and listen with our hearts.

There is little filtering and lots of expression of love. Anything goes from unicorns and fairies to science to irreverent jokes and cussing-just-because to Spirit. We share candidly and without fear of judgment.

We don’t need to use anything to lubricate or mask the experience. We allow ourselves to show up, with our hearts and silly, temporary tattoos on our sleeves.

We hold each other, both physically and metaphysically.

The connective force that weaves through it all is love.

A soul-honored community is a beautiful opportunity to experience who we are on a deeper level. When we choose our community with intention and with a deep desire to honor ourselves through our relation to others, we make choices that allow for growth and expansion.

We cease to place ourselves in connections that don’t uphold our highest good and we learn what it is to simultaneously stand in our power while also accepting authentic and loving support from others.

We begin to experience ourselves without shame or reproach and to see ourselves through eyes of compassion and love.

We laugh more and hug more. We cry more and express our entire range of emotions in a way that feels real and good. We feel seen and heard because we are received with understanding and empathetic support.

More than once last night, I looked around me with reverence. As I’ve opened my heart to experience more intimacy and love with others, I’ve been met at every step.

That is true love. And when I found it within me, I discovered it reflected back to and all around me.

With my beautiful soul sister and colleague, Elicia Miller

With my beautiful soul sister and colleague, Elicia Miller