While it is true that the holidays are a time of giving, if we don’t give to ourselves first, we end up running from a space of depletion, which can quickly lead to overwhelm and resentment.

In order to feel truly generous and giving, it is necessary for us to feel full and that can be hard to pull off when there is a lot of frantic energy surrounding us and way too many things to do. Even the most well-planned of us can find ourselves scrambling to pick up things we forgot and last minute gifts.

The energy on the streets has been building since Thanksgiving and with so much going on, things are starting to get a little wonky out there (check out thisblog post from a friend on wounded child holidays – it’s all around us!).

We are sensitive beings. And we pick up on that stuff.

Even those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas have to deal with the dark side of this holiday.

So how can we keep our spirits high and have a truly happy holiday season?

1)  Nourish Yourself First!

This is a case of making sure to put our own gas masks on first. If we don’t fill ourselves up from the inside, we won’t have anything authentic to share with others.

We can take time each morning to either meditate or engage in some activity that allows us to: a) be alone, b) breathe, and c) tune into ourselves and our needs.

2)  During this quiet time, ask yourself how you can best honor yourself throughout the day. And then do it!

(It’s best if we can build some fun in too.)

3)  If family time is hard for you (and it can be even in the closest of families) and you find yourself feeling annoyed, anxious or overloaded:

Stop, drop and breathe. This can be done anywhere and it is a great reset for your energy body.

Allow your belly to rise on the in-breath and fall on the out. Match the length or the exhale to the inhale and breathe slowly. If you have a lot to let out, allow your out-breath to forcefully push the air out of your belly and lungs and envision the energetic muck leaving you. Follow it with some sort of supercharged Universal Life Force energy on your in-breath.

If you are still struggling, find a way to take a time-out that allows you to get grounded and have some alone time. This is also a great time to tune into what we are focusing on with regards to honoring ourselves.

4)  Carry lavender oil with you. Use it. A lot.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with me, it might be Young Living lavender oil. Breathe it in, place it on your wrists, rub it on your temples, place it on your pillow as you lay down to sleep.

It is mommy’s original little helper, going back perhaps thousands of years. And it can help you get through just about anything.

5)  Take care of your energy body

This is important any day of the year, but even more so during a time of rush and stress. For those of us who are empaths or highly sensitive, picking up and carrying around energy from others is a challenge.

Start your day imagining that a beautiful filter of pink light is surrounding you. Set the intention that only loving thoughts and energy can get through this light to you.

At the end of the day, take a moment to brush yourself off and envision any energy that doesn’t correspond to you flying off of you and then transmuting in the air. I often imagine it as little sparks that ignite and transform the energetic debris into high vibrating Divine matter. Add a little sage oil for extra cleansing.  (Click here for more tips on how to keep your energy humming.)

Have a wonderful holiday! And if you have any tools that you enjoy using, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.