I used to grimace at the thought of a New Year’s resolution, mostly because they usually failed. Typically, my resolution involved giving up a vice, so sometimes I just ignored it all together.  I didn’t want to actually make a commitment to my health and that it what I thought it meant. It was always hollow, a wispy wouldn’t-it-be-nice thought that sounded good in the moment. I only participated in this ritual because I thought I should ~ not because it felt good to me.

My resolutions were never sincere.

They never came from the heart. They always came from the head, and so I never connected with them.

In recent years I’ve begun intentionally working with intentions and I’ve had much better results.

In fact, the manifestation of my last year’s intention is still blowing my mind.

It IS possible to create dynamic and powerful change as we move into a new year. It’s really just a question of how we’re going to go about doing so.

Last year, some girlfriends and I each chose a word that we wanted to embrace and embody for the upcoming year. (This idea came from this blog post that one of my friends had read.) We shared the words and we opened our hearts to the why of them. One of my friends even made us cute bracelets with our words.

I chose EXPANSION because it captured how I wanted to FEEL in all areas of my life:
I wanted my business to grow (and holy crap did it ever!).

I wanted my personal relationships to expand ~ and now I have an even wider circle of loves around me.

I wanted my heart to open and to hold more love. It cracked wide open so many times this past year that I lost count.

Did I lose some things along the way? Yes.

The energies in my life that weren’t up for expansion dropped away to make room for more growth. In some cases, this was sad. In others, it was welcomed.In all, it was ultimately fulfilling.

And I grew and I grew.

I focused on this word and I invited it into every corner of my life. I asked Spirit to help me, and my girlfriends supported my vision and held me accountable. I imagined what my life would look like in an expanded state and how it would feel

I was really honest with myself. 

When I struggled, I asked myself: What can I do here to grow? How can I push myself to move through this and open up to more possibility?

I asked EXPANSION to support me and challenge me and push me to embrace it.

It was hard. It was scary. It was gorgeous.

I’m not sure yet what my new word will be, but you better believe I’ll have one. And I’m going to savor it just like I did this last one. Expansion is still living and breathing within me and because I incorporated and integrated it so fully, it always will be.  I can’t wait to do the same again.

In fact, this year, I’m going to add a little ceremony to my intention setting as well. Here is a simple ceremony you can use too if this is not something that you have tried before. Personalize it as much as you like and add in any tools that you are familiar and comfortable with.
Meditate and allow the word to come to you.

You don’t have to be a seasoned meditator to do this. Just close your eyes, breathe from your body, get quiet and ask your higher self to reveal to you the word that your heart most wants to embrace.

Sit with the word and let it saturate your body.

Feel it seep into your cells and set your intention to allow it to live and breathe through and with you.

3) Light a candle with the intention that it will light the way for you.

Say a prayer of gratitude to Spirit for supporting you in this endeavor.

5) Write down on a piece of paper any blocks or apprehensions that could potentially get in your way.

Be really, really honest with yourself.

6) Ask yourself if you are truly willing to let them go.

(If you aren’t, find someone to support you in your healing or to help you process your limiting beliefs.)

7) Safely burn the paper and thank Spirit for helping you to release your blocks.

8) Repeat Step 2. Be loving with your word.

9) Put the word somewhere you will see it often.

Express gratitude to it and to yourself for taking this next step.

How do your resolutions grow? Feel free to share any tips or insights you have below.

Happy New Year!