Y’all, something really good is happening over here.

Those of you who read my words on a regular basis know that I set huge intentions last year around opening my heart up.

I peered into lots of darkness to find the light in the cracks so that I could split them wide open.

And now a sweet, soul-pounding revolution is taking place within this little frame that has opened me up to so much goodness that I’m just overflowing with it.

It was so so so scary to open myself up like I did, but it was like a compulsion that needed to be uncorked. I knew that if I was to do the work that I came here to do, I would have to be completely honest – not just with you, but most importantly – with myself.

That meant that I had to go even deeper.

I had to question my motives and my desires.

When something hurt or I was triggered, I explored it to its depths.

I went within; I went without. I found support when I needed it and trusted myself when it was up to me to find the answers.

I upturned blocks and peeked around the corners of my being. If I saw something that wanted attention, I addressed it.

There were times when I put it off and there were times when I ran in the other direction. But with every twist and turn I gently and lovingly pulled myself back to me.

And because I was persistent and because I was tenacious it has happened.

I wasn’t sure what “it” was when I embarked on this stage of my growth, but I knew I wanted whatever “it” was.

What I’ve discovered is that this “it” is a treasure that we all already hold within. It’s held within the core of our essence and it lives and breathes in our heart space and when we take all of the boards and walls and everything else we’ve shrouded it in down, the most amazing magic is sparked.

This magic sings out to all those who can hear it and when they tune into the melody…Well, you know, it may sound cliché, but a symphony is formed.

This music is manifesting in all areas of my life right now. Even as I write these words, the tears of resonance and joy jump from my eyes. It is showing up in my business, and I’m teaming up with the most wonderful people to bring some really great programs and retreats to life (for the one I’m planning with Elicia Miller, click here – it can put you well on this path too); it is manifesting in my personal life (juicy details will have to wait until later, but MAN, this feels electrifying); it is reverberating through my friendships, and I feel even closer to those I love.

This is why we do this.

This is exciting and alive and powerful and vibrant. Even when it hurts, and even when it is hard, it is transformative and empowering.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you.