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I Am Safe. I Am Secure.

For most of my life I wasn’t actually present in my body. Sure, it moved me around from space to space and it performed actions for me, but I didn’t really feel myself within it.

It seemed like a scary place to me and so I overrode its signals and strove to operate from my mind rather than through my physicality. “No pain, no gain” was one of the hot mantras of my youth and I subscribed to it, no questions asked.

I got really good at operating outside of my physical space. I was so separate from it that I could push emotions down and into it and seemingly ignore them. I could pretend that things didn’t hurt by not allowing myself to feel them. I swallowed my tears, I stifled my rage, I buried my grief. I believed that if I just turned the emotions off, I would be okay.

And as I numbed myself, I separated from myself more and more. My energy body floated far outside of my physical body. I experienced anxiety, depression, obsession and addiction as I continued to negate my emotions and my body ~ my core essence. I recognize now that there were extreme moments of PTSD sprinkled in there as well as my trapped trauma was struggling to make itself known, only to be denied an appearance by more alcohol or drugs.

I had to do a lot of healing work to get back into my body. I had to feel my emotions so that I could know that they wouldn’t overrun me. I had to have the experience of anger and grief moving through me while I stayed present to them so that I could understand that I was safe. 

I began to understand that being in my body was a practical and good thing and that it allowed me to feel everything more fully ~ the pleasure and the joy as well. And once I began to feel my emotions, they didn’t hold any power over me anymore. And so I became empowered through my expression of them.

A lot of my clients have experienced the same. Many of them are sensitive like me and many of them have had to bury their emotions as well because we grew up in a time when it just wasn’t safe to express them.

Here is one of my very favorite embodiment exercises that was given to me for one of my clients:

As you get out of bed in the morning, set your feet on the ground and pause. Take a moment to come into your body, to really feel it. Start with your feet and feel them connected to the solid ground below you. Feel the sturdiness of the connection and the strength of your feet. Say to yourself, “Right now, I am safe in my body. I am secure.” Allow your attention to climb up your legs and to continue up through your entire body. Feel your physical frame; settle into it. Breathe from your belly, long even breaths. Take a moment to tune in and express gratitude to your body for the miracle of your existence (you started out as a bundle of cells!) and for carrying you through this life.

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7 Open to Change

I have a confession to make: There are times when I still resist change.

I know that I do this and yet I still do it. I’ve made some great strides, but I’m noticing some nuances here that I want to flesh out.

I tend to think that if something has been working it should remain the same. There’s a sense of safety embedded in the notion that ~ once established ~ things will just hum along and everything will be just fine.

But this thinking inhibits my ability to expand and create.

In fact, the best things in my life have happened because I’ve changed something that was stuck, whether that was a relationship, a system, or a thought. Every single time I’ve done so, the movement of energy has engendered something even greater, even and especially when it didn’t seem like that was the case in the moment.

With this in mind, I realize that if I want to keep growing, I have to create space for the growth. That means that I have to do some things differently, even when they have been working really well up until recently.

I want to have it all: family, partner, friends, and clients ~ and I want all of the components to be healthy. When life is dynamic, change is a given and trying to hold something into place will only create constriction within the whole.

In my world, what I have noticed is that: Resisting change = holding back. Holding back = playing small.

And I’m not willing to not give it my all these days. There’s too much to explore.


P.S. There are a few changes coming soon. My hope is that they will serve us all. If you have a concern, though, please feel free to reach out.