I have a confession to make: There are times when I still resist change.

I know that I do this and yet I still do it. I’ve made some great strides, but I’m noticing some nuances here that I want to flesh out.

I tend to think that if something has been working it should remain the same. There’s a sense of safety embedded in the notion that ~ once established ~ things will just hum along and everything will be just fine.

But this thinking inhibits my ability to expand and create.

In fact, the best things in my life have happened because I’ve changed something that was stuck, whether that was a relationship, a system, or a thought. Every single time I’ve done so, the movement of energy has engendered something even greater, even and especially when it didn’t seem like that was the case in the moment.

With this in mind, I realize that if I want to keep growing, I have to create space for the growth. That means that I have to do some things differently, even when they have been working really well up until recently.

I want to have it all: family, partner, friends, and clients ~ and I want all of the components to be healthy. When life is dynamic, change is a given and trying to hold something into place will only create constriction within the whole.

In my world, what I have noticed is that: Resisting change = holding back. Holding back = playing small.

And I’m not willing to not give it my all these days. There’s too much to explore.


P.S. There are a few changes coming soon. My hope is that they will serve us all. If you have a concern, though, please feel free to reach out.