I’ve been nestled at the bottom of a hill in a tropical region along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for the past several days with my friend and colleague, Elicia Miller, and seven courageous and gorgeous women.

This experience has taken my breath away more than once, and the women have been the catalysts of this.

We have gone so deep. These women have opened up their hearts so fully and shared their truths. They have allowed themselves to be completely seen, trusting in me and Elicia and every other woman present to hold them as they do so. And because they have, we have all been able to meet each one fully.

Big shifts are happening. It takes a brave woman to dive into what has been repressed for years, lifetimes even. It takes a true warrior of the heart to explore what has been tucked away in order to feel safe, to break down defenses and pull up what has been churning in the undertow.

I am in awe. 

What a privilege to witness such beauty unfolding.