Morning Talk

Scott and Janet settle into their usual chairs on the porch. It’s a beautiful Georgia morning after a heavy rain.


What was the name of that archangel we were talking to?

(He takes a sip of coffee and scratches his head.)


(Not missing a beat)



Oh yeah. He’s cool. I liked him; he turned my body into blocks.


Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

(The dog barks.)

I think Artemis wants to go out. Let’s take her for a walk after we finish our coffee.

Post Dog Walk


I forgot to ask. How’s your back feeling this morning?


Really good! That exercise AV: gave us totally helped. Do you want avocado with your breakfast?


Yes, please. It still kind of freaks me out that an extraterrestrial that I channel can be so loving and helpful. Will you pass me the honey, honey?



Why would that freak you out? I think AV: is sweet. I love him.

(Passes him the honey.)


I JUST started channeling him! Of course it freaks me out.

(His eyes get really big and Janet rolls hers.)


Honey, his message is awesome. Really it doesn’t matter who it comes from, does it?



Yeah, right. Tell my mom that.

Lunch Talk


I’m giving a channeled reading at 2:00. What does the rest of your day look like?


Kinda busy. I have another remote healing and an in-person session. I can do them both at the office though if you want.


What about your goddess circle?


That’s not until Thursday, honey. You know it’s on the full moon.

(She suddenly lights up.)

Oh! I just remembered!

I have a house clearing at 5:00! Do you want to help?


Yes! You know I love ghost busting! Have you tuned in yet?


Yep, and…


Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! I want to see what I get once we’re there.


Ok, honey.

(Grinds Himalayan salt on the sautéed vegetables she’s preparing and smiles.)

The couple that ghost busts together stays together...

The couple that ghost busts together stays together…

Dinner Preparations

(The boys roll in from school as Janet and Scott try to decide whether to make kale salad or quinoa with organic, non-GMO corn as a side for their wild salmon.)


Colton, you look really tired.



I was up all night. Teddy was running up and down the hall.


Jake, did you hear him?


Truth, my dude. I heard him, but I was able to fall back to sleep.


Honey, maybe we should do a quick check-in to see what’s going on.

(Janet and Scott both get quiet, close their eyes and drop in to connect with their guides. The boys look at each other, roll their eyes and walk out.)

(15 seconds pass.)


What did you get?


Lauryn says not to worry and that it’s normal for an earthbound spirit to get rambunctious at times. You?


Dee laughed and said, “What do you expect? He’s only 6.”

I guess we knew what we were getting into when we told him that he could stay. I’ll have a talk with him tonight and let him know that he needs to keep it quiet while we’re sleeping.

Post Dinner

(After the salmon and kale salad are finished, the dishes have been loaded and the discussion on personal empowerment has concluded, the intuitive family prepares to retire for the night. Janet hangs back to have her talk with Teddy.)

A Few Minutes Later


How did it go with Teddy?


Great. He understands that he needs to be quiet after 10:00.

(They head to bed.)

Janet & Scott:

Good night, Colton.

Good night, Jake.


Good night, Teddy!

(They all hear the faint pitter-patter of footsteps down the hall as Teddy heads towards the living room.)

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