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Pearled Wisdom

I’ve chosen intentional words for the last few years and they have proven to be very powerful for me. In 2015, “expansion” brought me a business coach, a healing space, and huge growth in both my personal life and practice. In 2016, “activation” brought me even more growth, a hugely opening and expansive relationship, and a new course and program actually called “Activate Your Superpowers.”

Through these past two years, I’ve learned that there is deep power in setting intentional words and because of that I’ve taken a lot of time to allow the right word to settle within me this year.

Initially, because I have experienced such an expansion of energies over the last few years, I wanted to continue along the same vein. But as life and my higher self would have it, a much more introspective and subtle energy came through.

I wrote recently about my experience in New York with my business coach Monica Shah, in which I had an epiphany around how I tend to hold myself back in many ways. I’ve become very open and able to be vulnerable about topics that I used to shroud in secrecy and shame and because of that, I have felt confident in my voice.

But full-expression of ourselves is more than just our voice. It is the way that we move through the world, the manner in which we share ourselves in all ways. It is how we hold ourselves, offer ourselves, shine our lights, and even how we dim them.

So the truth is that I’m fully expressing myself in some areas of my life, but not all. I still hold back in some ways out of fear of being “too much” to others.

And so I was holding this thought in the back of my mind and I asked my team and Spirit to guide me towards my word. “Expression” was being whispered in my ear, but I wasn’t allowing it to take hold within me.

A few days later, at my birthday celebration, I received a beautiful gift of an oyster shell from one of my dear friends. And while an oyster shell might seem like an odd gift (even she claims she had intended to get me a piece of jewelry, but felt drawn to get the shell instead), I was mesmerized by it.

Then, when we got home, I opened a gift from Scott: The Wild Unknown’s Spirit Animal Deck, which I have had my eye on for a good while. I was SO excited to pull my first card. (Y’all, this deck is amazing!)

I laid the cards out and asked to be shown what I most needed to see. And then I pulled…


Frankly, I was wondering why I hadn’t pulled something more glamorous, like Unicorn or Eagle or the Cosmic Egg. Seriously, oyster??? I wouldn’t even have thought about putting an oyster card in a deck!

I didn’t initially put it all together…And then it hit me: I had JUST received an oyster and I had been reflecting on not holding myself back. My guides were being loud and clear with me:

It’s time to come out of my shell and to reveal the pearl within. It’s time to open and express fully, to not take my inner gifts for granted, to move away from my tendency to hold back and withdraw.

I’m realizing just how powerful FULLexpression can be. I also realize that just as my last two intentional words pushed me to challenge myself in big ways, 2017’s word is already asking the same of me.

So I will be louder, bolder and brighter this year in a way that feels aligned and in integrity to me. I will do so even when my tendency might be to pull back. I’m committing to my word and I’m excited to see what sort of magic will unfold as a result. It scares me, but it lights me up at the same time and that is exactly what the best intentions for growth will do.

What about you? Have you chosen an intentional word for 2017? Hop on over to my blog and share if you’d like. I’d love to hear from you!

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Heidi - December 30, 2016 Reply

Thank you Janet for your inspiring post and congratulations on a dynamic year! I am very happy and so excited for you!

Do I have a word for 2017 yet? No, and I hadn’t considered it, consciously, anyway. I am going to sit with this for a day or two and see what comes up for me. I already have an idea, but I will take it into meditation and journal some to see what else my hunch has to reveal.

Thank you for this inspiration. I’ll be back to post my “findings”.

Love to you dear Janet. And happy, healthy and brightness for 2017!

    Janet Raftis - December 30, 2016 Reply

    I look forward to hearing it, Heidi! And thank you so much. Sending much love your way and here’s to a wonderful 2017! xoxo

    Heidi - January 2, 2017 Reply

    Dynamic. This is my word for 2017. It was in the first sentence of my previous reply to your post on December 30th. I had a feeling when I was finishing my message to you. It hasn’t left me alone since. We’ll see what’s in store for the word and all it entails!

      Janet Raftis - January 2, 2017 Reply

      I love it!!! It’s perfect! And yes, we shall see! xoxo

Debbie - December 31, 2016 Reply

Have my 2017 Word but still pondering having you pick one for me. You have had such amazing growth, change and overall wonderfulness in your life with your picks!

    Janet Raftis - December 31, 2016 Reply

    I’m so grateful to you for the inspiration, lady!!! Sending you big love!

Cassie - December 31, 2016 Reply

I was inspired by your practice and picked a word for the first time at the beginning of 2016: illumination. For better or worse, this year has shed a lot of light in a lot of cracks and crevices. I’ve decided to embrace COURAGE as my word for 2017. Now that I’ve seen everything in its fullest light, I know I’ll need to be courageous to face it all.

You continue to be an inspiration, Janet! I hope your FULLexpression yields amazing results 🙂

    Janet Raftis - December 31, 2016 Reply

    Cassie, this is so beautiful! And I’m so grateful to hear it. Illumination can be a challenging word and choosing it was courageous in and of itself! May your year be filled with love, blessings and COURAGE. xoxo

Shannon nickerson - January 4, 2017 Reply

Hi Janet,
So lovely…and perfect for you love. The oyster!
Sending a powerful and expressive year to you.
much love and thanks for sharing

    Janet Raftis - January 5, 2017 Reply

    Thank you, lady! Much love to you as well! xoxo

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