Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days! What I’ve discovered since I’ve started working intentionally with Spirit is that this is one of the most powerful days for working with and claiming the aspects of the divine feminine that are within you. (This goes for any of you guys reading this as well!)

Today I’m sharing a fun “how to” so you can have your own private Friday the 13th Ceremony! But first, a little history about this day and its meaning…

In pagan times, Fridays were a day of celebration and 13 was a sacred number because it corresponded to the 13 yearly moon and menstrual cycles that occur each year. It was considered the day of Venus and Freya, the goddesses of sensuality and love and it was a day to embrace all that is sensual, sexual, and creative within us. The number itself holds the meaning of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood – all of which represent elements of the feminine.

Even the name “Friday” is thought to have sprung from Freya and in French, “vendredi” is believed to have come from Venus, both of which show the reverence that was shown for these sacred and divine feminine goddesses.

So if you’re ready to turn your view of Friday the 13th upside down, you can reclaim it as the powerful day for self-expression that it is. Below I share a simple ceremony that you can use to access these energies for yourself on that day.

And here is a fun little story about Freya and Friday the 13th…

Last October, I was facilitating my Energy Explorers Retreat on one of these lucky days. Everyone I work with knows that I just love to throw a ceremony! (And there is always something to celebrate when working with Spirit.) So, during our ceremony that night, we had a meditation with Freya. Freya has large white-feathered wings and during the meditation, she wrapped her wings around us and shared a very special moment of love with us.

It was a very powerful meditation and we were all a little altered when we came out of it. As I was regrounding, the woman next to me, Torrey, pointed at my lap and said, “Look!” There on my lap was a small white feather! We were in a closed cabin and there is no logical explanation for where that feather had come from!

Here is a photo of the feather, along with a gorgeous depiction of Freya and a few other items (I found the antler on the property, and Deer is my Spirit animal).

Simple Friday the 13th Ceremony:

  • Set up an altar and dedicate a portion of it to a goddess that you want to connect with. Freya, Frigga and Venus are all powerful to work with on this day, but if you feel called to work with another, honor that voice within you.
  • If you haven’t worked with an altar before, here are a few tips: Your altar can include anything that holds special meaning for you. Add any gemstones and/or crystals that you like along with something that represents the energy of the goddess you chose and your intention for the ceremony (more information below). An example: If your intention is to use your voice more powerfully, you might include something like an oyster or snail shell to represent coming out of your shell or a whistle or something that you’ve written. The most important aspect of your altar is that it is reflective of who you feel yourself to be.
  • If you enjoy working with the element of fire, light a candle. Candles can be supportive of your connection to Spirit, though it’s not necessary.
  • Start with a short opening meditation and call in your goddess. Feel yourself connect to her energy. You may receive a lot of information during this connection or it may not feel strong. That is okay and there is no right and wrong. Just notice what you notice and trust that she is with you.
  • Set an intention that you wish to work on and for which you’ll ask for support from your goddess.
  • Journal a few paragraphs about your intention. For this particular day, focusing on your feminine energies of expression, sexuality, and creativity can be particularly potent.
  • If you work with oracle or tarot cards, choose 1-3 cards that are focused on giving you insight into your intention and then place them on the altar.
  • Meditate and hold the intention to connect with your goddess. You can imagine she is with you, sitting right next to you. Ask her if there is anything she can share with you. If it’s easier, you can ask her to show or share a gift with you. Know that this gift, whatever it is, will have symbolic meaning for you.
  • Finish by journaling more in-depth about any information you may have received during the ceremony. You can use this exercise as a time for information to free flow from you as well.
  • When you are finished, express gratitude to the goddess (and anyone else) for their support in achieving your intention.

It’s not necessary to use all of the components above. Choose what feels right for you and take out or add in things if you feel called to do so. You can also use these same steps and modify them for any other type of ceremony, including to work with the moon.