Has anyone ever told you to, “Suck it up”, “Toughen up”, or “Push through it” when you expressed physical pain or discomfort?

While it may seem like this is harmless advice meant to help us become “stronger”, the reality is, this teaches us to ignore the cues our body is sending us. And when we ignore these cues, we no longer embody our physical expression and begin to move into our upper chakras – especially those of us who are sensitive or have experienced trauma. As we move into our upper chakras, we tend not to notice our body or inhabit it as fully.

When we experience pain and discomfort, there is often an intuitive expression that is trying to speak to us through our body. So when we push away these physical sensations, we’re shutting down the line of communication we have with our body and blocking the message it is trying to share with us.

How do we make sure that we acknowledge the cues from our body and how do we know what they are trying to tell us?

It’s not as difficult as you may think and in the video below, I share some great tools to help you cultivate an awareness and trust with your body.

When you start using these tools and connecting more with your body, you’ll notice that you’re really in integrity with yourself.

So, take some time today to tune into your body – how does it feel? Are you feeling any pain or discomfort? Where do you feel it? When do you feel it? What might your body be trying to tell you?

I’d love to hear how it goes – make sure to leave a comment under the video so we can connect there.


Sending you much love!