Not so ordinary spirit guides! 

I have addressed spirit guides before, but today I want to talk about the not-so-ordinary guides that show up in our lives…

Most of you are probably familiar with spirit guides who show up and present as a person – they may be someone we shared a past life with, someone who has crossed over in this lifetime, or even an angel. But there are also some less typical spirit guides that you might not know about, like fairies!

I know it might sound crazy, and believe me, I used to think it was – but then I had the realization that there were fairies all around me and I was part of the metaphysical world called the elemental realm. Since then I’ve embraced seeing fairies around me all the time, and I know I’m not crazy because it’s not just me, other people see them around me, too! Even my partner who was a total naysayer sees them.

Fairies are just one of many examples of the not-so-ordinary spirit guides that I have seen. I’ve also seen dragons, aliens, spirit animals – I’ve even seen trees and other parts of the natural world be guides!

But what causes one person to have a spirit animal guide and someone else to have fairies? Can you have both? Can you have more than two?

Yes and yes! There are different realms that people resonate and vibrate to, and the guides that come from these different realms can take many shapes and forms, but there is almost always a connection. For example, if you are into magic and mysticism, you may have a wizard as a guide. If you are really connected to the forest, you could have a tree guide or deer as your spirit animal guide. If you’ve always been drawn to the solar system or space, you could have an alien guide.

Watch the video below for a peek into guides who come from different realms, star systems, traditions and more… 

If you haven’t connected with your spirit guides and are trying to figure out what/who they might be, watch the video and then take some time to tune in and ask these questions…  

What type of things do you really love?

What ideas make you feel energized?

Do you have any unique physical characteristics?

Is there something people have always said you remind them of or something others tend to associate with you?

What do you feel naturally drawn to?

What kind of stuffed animal or toy was your favorite as a child?

Where do you feel most grounded and “at home”?

I’d love to hear what comes up for you! Leave a comment under the video to share…

Sending you so much love,