Intro to Animal Communication: How to Connect with Your Little Buddies 

If you’re a pet owner, I bet there’s been at least one time that you wished you could talk to your pet. And I know for some people, it sounds crazy to say you can… but you can!

This is one of my favorite things because it's really beautiful to be able to have a deeper understanding of our pets, what they need, and what's going on in their minds. For me, animal communication was something that opened up naturally over time. It wasn't something that initially I was tuned into - or maybe I was, but I didn't really realize it - and then animals started popping up in my sessions, they would come in with their owners.

The animals that were coming into my sessions were both animals that are currently on the planet and animals who had crossed over, and communicating with animals who are still alive is very similar to communicating with animals who have crossed over. So whether you want to communicate with your four-legged, or feathered, or scaly friends who are still with you, or your best furry friend from childhood, I have some tips to help you get started!

Before I get into the tips I want to say that this is a pretty complex topic and something that you could spend a lot of time learning, this is just a starting place to help you ease into the process and start opening yourself up to this different line of communication. And hopefully with time you can work with these tools and have a deeper understanding of your pet.

I also want to point out that animals have a very similar chakra system to humans with one very notable exception - they have a chakra that sits over their shoulders, it's called the brachial chakra - this is their master chakra, so to speak. It's also the chakra through which they communicate with us. With domesticated pets especially, this is something that has developed over time. We've become more and more fond of our pets and we become closer to our pets, and so this is something that has gotten stronger within them and other animals as well. The more you communicate with your animals, the stronger their brachial chakra will be.

OK, let’s dig into all the tips so you can start communicating with your pets - 
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I want to hear how this goes for you! Give these tips a try and leave a comment under the video to share what your pet has to say!

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