Introduction to the Chakras

When you start to research chakras, you will come across a large variety of information. Like everything, it's really important to take the knowledge that you learn, but also to allow yourself to have your own personal interpretation and understanding of it.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is basically a word for wheel - often called “wheels of light”, a Sanskrit term. According to different traditions, we have a different amount of chakras. But a very standard interpretation is that there are seven primary chakras that overlay your physical body and interact with your auric field. chakras come in through your auric field and connect into your body at different points. They allow the energy from the universal field and from your aura to come into your body and then they allow the energy to move out of your body. So the energy moves in them and it moves out of them.

Where are the Chakras?

As I mentioned, most traditions recognize that there are seven primary chakras, one over the crown, one of the third eye (this is the most famous one), there's one at the throat, at the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral (just below the belly button), and then there is the root chakra, which is located at the paraniem.

There are also traditions, like Pronic Healing, that recognize 11 primary chakras and several minor chakras. Cyndi Dale, who is a leading expert on chakras, has some great information and a lot of books about them. She recognizes 12 primary chakras.

I work with a combination - usually I work with at least the seven chakras, but often expand it because like Cyndi, I have found in my work that there are chakras below the feet, there are other chakras above the crown, there are chakras in the field, and there are chakras all over the body. There are larger chakras and smaller chakras, but they are all very important to the overall health of the body.

What do Chakras do?

When they're in their optimum health, energy comes in from the field and then moves out from the body. So fresh energy comes in, your body utilizes it, and then older energy goes out. And when your chakras are healthy, they want to be nice and big, and they will spend in a clockwise motion on the outside, and a lot of times the direction will change and go back and forth on the inside. And that's because of the way that the energy moves in and out.

Clairvoyants see this very differently. The way that I see it is that they move in a clockwise motion and that sometimes on the inner part, it switches up. As you start to tune into your chakras you can see what's going on with yours.

Chakras are energetic and they are connected to the field, they’re taking in all kinds of information and are connected to different aspects of us. For example, the Crown Chakra is our connection to spirit, to the Oneness, so to speak. The Root Chakra at our paraniem, the closest to the earth as far as the major chakras are concerned, is very connected to the earth energy - it's our rootedness, our groundedness, our family, our tribe, our security.

Each Chakra has a different function and in the video below, I go over each one of them and share more about how you can tune into your chakras and keep them strong and healthy!

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Chakra Video

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