How to Find Your Life Purpose (And Stop Sabotaging Yourself in the Process)

This is a pretty hot topic. I get a lot of questions from clients and my community on all kinds of subjects, but one I hear at least once a week is… “How do I find my life purpose?”So I thought it would be really great to tap into this – and I also want to cover some of the ways that we sabotage ourselves in the process. When we come into our awakening, many of us have a tendency to think that we need to immediately define our “higher purpose” or “soul purpose.” We think that now that we’re in touch with Spirit, we have to immediately change everything and that we are supposed to know what we need to do right away. But what happens is that this creates a block on it. The pressure to uncover your purpose can be really intense. When we lighten up the reigns a little bit on this question, we can get a lot further with it. Like all awakenings and paths of discovery, this is very personal. My process will not be the same as your process. But, although we’re all unique, what I’ve noticed is that our soul purpose is to come here and find alignment. It is to come here and start to understand what feels good to us, what feels right, and how we can honor that. And in order to do that, all of our journeys will be very different. For some of us it will require a lot of healing work, for some of us it will require leaving relationships, changing jobs, moving. It will be different for everyone, but it is a process and it’s a process of understanding what feels good to you. Check out the video below to learn more about finding your purpose AND how you might be sabotaging yourself in the process…

Janet Raftis VideoHere’s my key takeaway for you… Follow your curiosity. Think about things that interest you, then find a book to learn more, take a class, do what you can to put yourself in the energy of the things that spark something within you… and most importantly, release your expectation and allow your purpose to unfold. You may initially hit on one thing, then as you learn more, discover that it’s not that, but something related to it. I can’t wait to hear about your journey! Feeling stuck and not sure if you are self-sabotaging your process? Leave a comment under the video so I can help!

Sending you so much love,

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