Are You Hearing Things? How to Develop Clairaudience  

This is part 3 of a 5 part series on the psychic senses! You can catch up with Part 1 on Clairvoyance HERE and Part 2 on Claircognizance HERE.

The third psychic sense that we are going to explore is Clairaudience. As we know, “clair” means clear, and “audience” means hearing. So clairaudience is the psychic gift of hearing things that are not audible in the physical world.

Clairaudience can show up in a number of ways. Have you ever heard footsteps on the stairs, or heard somebody call your name? We often brush it off and think we are just crazy or it’s in our head, but it could be that you are clairaudient. You may have heard your guide, angels, or even a crossed over loved one.

Another way it can show up is through music that you hear outside of your head. Another way is if you live in a house with an earthbound spirit, you may hear them talking or if they are walking down the stairs, you might actually hear the stairs during your clairaudient experience.

Clairaudience also shows up as hearing things inside of your head. You might hear voices – sometimes it’s your voice, sometimes it might be a little different. This is not the same thing as you sitting and thinking about things and playing over scenarios inside your head. A clairaudient experience is often words or phrases, they come through lovingly and are useful to you.

Check out the video below to learn how to identify clairaudience in your life and how you can develop this psychic sense…

When you have a clairaudient experience, you don’t feel fear (although it can be startling at times). If it’s a message for you, you will feel love, you will feel peace, and you will feel a sense of calmness. And when you do experience clairaudience, remember to trust the information. When you start to really acknowledge it, accept it, and take action in alignment with it, it will get stronger and stronger.

Have you experienced clairaudience? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

Sending you so much love,

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