How to Uncover Your Spiritual Gifts

​Do you have spiritual gifts?

How do you know?

Not sure?

Let’s find out!

First, you need to know that everyone has spiritual gifts. This isn’t something that is selective, we all have them. Spiritual gifts aren’t just psychic abilities. There is a very wide range of what your spiritual gifts may be.

But how do you know what they are?

It’s surprisingly simple…

Anything you do that is full of love and feels on purpose and feels good, something that you put yourself and your care into is a gift. That is a gift that you are bringing into the world, and it is a spiritual gift. It could be baking, it could be teaching, it could be driving a school bus! There are so many different things. If it lights you up and it fills you up and it's something that you love to bring into the world, that is a spiritual gift.

But a lot of you are asking what are my intuitive gifts? What are the methods for communicating with spirit and how can I develop those? Do I even have these gifts? Am I special?

There's a sense that if you don't have these gifts, you’re not special enough or you’re not worthy enough, and that brings up a lot of triggers of unworthiness for us. So something that I really want to stress is that we all also have these intuitive gifts, but they show up differently for all of us. It's really beneficial for us to stay out of the comparison game - just because somebody is highly clairvoyant, doesn't mean that they are more gifted than you are, it just means that their gifts show up differently than yours.

Check out the video below to learn how to uncover YOUR unique gifts…

How to Uncover Your Spiritual Gifts

When you’re trying to discover what your unique gifts are, don’t approach it with assumptions or expectations - and don’t complicate it!

Start to uncover your gifts with two quick questions… 

  1. What do I care deeply about?
  2. How do I show that thing / cause / person that I care? What do I do to care for it / them?

Got the answer? That, my friend, is one of your many gifts! You can ask this again and again, ask those you love if you feel stumped, and allow all of your gifts to come into your awareness. 

Share what you uncover in a comment on the video!

Sending you so much love,

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