How to Navigate the Psychic Field

Have you ever heard someone refer to the “Psychic Field” and thought, “What is this person talking about?”

The “Field” is really just one way of talking about source energy. We can use a lot of the terms for source energy almost interchangeably - the Field, Source, God, Universe, the Divine. It's really a question of choosing what feels most resonant with you.

I tend to use them differently with slight differentiations in meaning or when I want to place a different emphasis on it. For example, if I'm working with goddess energy, I will call it Goddess, or Source, or the Divine, or Spirit. If I am teaching people to use their psychic senses, I would probably refer to it as the Field or the Matrix, and I still might interchange it a little bit.

When this question came up, I realized that I had never really thought about why I use them differently or why I choose one instead of the other. And so it was really a time for me to kind of reflect on what my intentions are behind them.

But it’s important to understand that this is what it means for me. As I always tell people, read and learn and to listen to people and experience it for yourself. Have your own experience of interacting with the energy of the Field and then come to your own conclusions about what it means for you. I can share my wisdom, and this is a way for you to get a jumpstart on this, but even with what I say, take what feels right, play with it, and know that you will always have your own experience.

So when we talk about the Field, it's talking about the energy that is all around us. That is us, that we are created of, that is that is the universe, that is the infinite potential that is all around us.

Watch the video below to learn more about The Field and how you interact with it everyday… 

How to Navigate the Psychic Field

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