What to do When You Feel Disconnected from Your Guides

Have you ever tried connecting with your spirit guides but felt like you couldn’t get through?

Maybe you were meditating on a situation and called on your spirit guides for some support, you waited for a reply, and nothing came through. You may have thought to yourself, “Are my spirit guides out to lunch, what is going on?”

I know that it can be really frustrating, but here’s the deal… It’s not them, it’s us.

Our guides are always around. Now, they aren’t all always around, but there are always some spirit guides around, ready and waiting, and when you call on them, they are there. It’s their job. We contracted with them before we entered these lives. When we were planning and creating the blueprint for our lives, we contracted with spiritual beings on the other side - spiritual beings that we may have known in another lifetime or that we know in between lifetimes or that we just think will be really helpful for us in this lifetime.

Our job is to be here on earth and have these experiences and do the things that we're doing here - we’re doing this for our soul advancement. And their job for their soul advancement is to be available and supportive for us. So what that means is that they are available and supportive for us, doing it completely joyfully, and they're really happy to be engaged in this process with us.

So what’s going on when you just can’t connect?

Watch the video to find out what might cause the disconnect and how you can fix it…

Key takeaway: be open to how your guides provide messages. Release the expectation that you will receive guidance in a specific manner. Your guides will be clear and direct, and if you are open, you can’t miss it!

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