Angel, Dead Person, Alien, Spirits or Guide: Who is trying to talk to me?

Have you hesitated to open up to the spirit realm because you’re afraid you’ll connect to the “dark side”?

There are a LOT of different types of spiritual beings out there and a lot are interested in communicating with us, some aren’t. Some will be interested in talking to you and some will be interested in talking to someone else. When we get into our intuitive development and start to communicate with these different realms and expressions of energy, we’ll notice that we are aligning with energies that are similar to our own or that we have an interest in.

First of all, anything out there - everything in the world - from the cabinet behind me to me to the unseen beings that are around me, it’s all energy and it’s all just vibrating at a different resonance or vibrational rate. With our physical senses, we learn to identify what things are - for example, the cabinet behind me is a cabinet. But really it is frequencies of energy that have collapsed into what we call a cabinet. We become very adept over the course of our lifetimes at understanding what things are, at reading and translating those frequencies of light.

It’s really the same as the subtle world. As you start to further develop these gifts with the subtle world, what you’re really doing is tuning into different frequencies and going through the process of learning what those frequencies are and then being able to label them.

Watch the video to learn about how we connect to these frequencies and begin to identify what they are…

Angel, Dead Person, Alien, Spirits or Guide: Who is trying to talk to me?

Have you experienced an energetic connection like this? Were you able to interpret and identify the energy? I’d love for you to share about it in the comments!

Don’t be afraid; with the right intentions and boundaries, you can feel safe that the energies that are trying to connect with you are not there to harm you. If you stay open, the answers will come.

Sending you so much love,

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