​How to Create Boundaries with the Spirit Realm

There has been a recurring topic coming up since I started hosting my weekly Facebook Live sessions about a year and a half ago and I want to address it today. In a recent post, Angel, Dead Person, Alien, Spirits or Guide: Who is trying to talk to me?, I addressed the concerns some people have with connecting to the spiritual realm and spiritual beings – concern around who they may encounter and if it will be a kind spirit or if it is something they should be fearful of.Today, we’re going to explore boundaries with the spirit realm – what they are, how we cultivate them, how we determine what they are, and how we can feel good while we work with the spirit realm. I know this is a block for many people who have heard stories from other people, or who have had an experience in the past when they ran into a spiritual entity that was not comfortable with them. It can be very unsettling when you come across something that you don’t want to be around.It’s important to get clear on what your boundaries are and how to uphold them. When we have boundaries in place, it can help ensure that our interactions with the spirit realm are positive ones.​Watch the video to learn more about how I dealt with boundaries when I first started working with spirits and how you can set boundaries for your interactions…

How to Create Boundaries with the Spirit Realm

Here are 3 quick tips for setting boundaries with the spirit realm:

  • Check your vibration – is there something you need to shift?
  • Check your boundaries with the physical realm – when you are practicing good boundaries in the physical realm, doing the same in the spirit realm becomes so much easier!
  • Stand your ground – initially, until you’ve built some strength around your boundaries, there may still be things that come to you that you do not want to engage with. Stay confident in your boundaries and make sure you make it clear what you are and are not okay with.

If you have questions about setting boundaries, I’d love to help! Leave a comment on the video… Sending you so much love,