​How to Work with Your Energy Body During Difficult Situations

There is an energetic component to everything.

Even things that feel “solid” are made of vibrating frequencies and are more empty space than they are mass. This is how you might notice the varying frequencies of gemstones, which at first glance you might just think are heavy, dense rocks. You might even be able to notice these frequencies and how they affect you when you hold them.

We also have the energetic component of something as seemingly light as words. It might seem like as soon as a word leaves the mouth it just disappears, but not so. The energetic aspect of that word can have an intensity to it that can have tremendous impact on someone, especially if that person is sensitive. That is why you might just witness someone yell something at another person and feel that as intensely as if that person had yelled at you.

This doesn't mean that there won't be other components that need to be dealt with, but when you work with your energy body in a way that really supports you, you can shift the way that you are processing things.

One of my clients witnessed something that was troubling to her. She witnessed a grandmother yanking her grandchild around, and as an empath, it was very, very upsetting to her. This is something that happens to all of us who are sensitive - we see things like this, or we witness things like this, or we experienced anger around us, and it can be really uncomfortable. Sometimes even to the extent that it can throw us off balance.

This can be as simple as being in traffic and experiencing somebody with road rage, somebody laying on the horn - not even at you, but with somebody else - and you're caught in the energy of that person who's so irate and lashing out, and it can become very discombobulating.

Unfortunately, these are things most of us experience every day as we go about our lives - in the grocery store, at the park, in a restaurant… it can seem like we are at the mercy of the energy of everyone around us.

So what’s an empath to do?

In this video, I’ll share some simple ways you can work with your energy body to support you during difficult situations…

How to Work with Your Energy Body During Difficult Situations
Have you found yourself caught up in the energy of a situation that made you uncomfortable? How did you handle it? Share your experience in the comments under the video!

Sending you so much love,

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