​How to Get Unstuck

I’m stuck.

I don’t know what to do.

I feel like I can’t move forward...

These are some of the complaints that I hear most in my practice.

There are so many reasons that we get stuck - from something as simple as your chakras being constricted, to something much more complex, such as unresolved trauma.

When we’re looking at the energetic body, stuckness typically shows up as having restricted chakras in some areas. If you feel you can’t move forward in your life or your career, it’s often in the lower chakras, which is very common in our society - we tend to be deficient and restricted in the lower energy body, while being a little too open in the upper areas (check out
this video to learn more). Again, there are a lot of reasons for this, it may have to do with trauma, repressed emotions, being empathic or highly sensitive, and anything that will keep us from wanting to be fully embodied.

It’s rare for this stuckness to be completely energetic, but when it is mostly energetic, you can engage in activities that will stimulate your lower chakras to shift the energy. For example, creative energy is great for stagnancy - do something creative, do something sensual, dance, or spend time in nature (check out my chakra guide

If you’ve asked these questions yourself, check out the video below to learn more about why this happens and what you can do to work through it and get your energy moving again!

What to do when you’re feeling stuck
Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do, we just can’t get ourselves moving. When that’s the case, the stuckness may come from issues in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental spaces. The basic things we’d do if things were purely energetic may still be helpful, a walk in nature can always help us to feel renewed, but they’re likely not enough to really get our energy moving, so it’s important to address the repressed emotions or trauma that may be causing us to stay stuck.

I would love to support you and help get that energy moving with a remote energy healing session. You can learn more and register here.

If you’d like additional support in getting unstuck, here are some great resources…

Elicia Miller’s Core Emotional Healing Process

Brandon Bay’s The Journey

Irene Lyon’s 21-Day Nervous System Tune Up

Sending you so much love,

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