How Sensitive People Can Strengthen Their Root Chakra

​How Sensitive People Can Strengthen Their Root Chakra

As a sensitive person, it can be difficult to manage our energy fields, stay grounded, and feel ourselves strongly in our root chakras. What I’ve noticed in a lot of my work with empaths and sensitive people is that in general, our energy fields tend to be very active up high.

In a healthy energy field, it will be nice and balanced - open on top and open on the bottom - and everything will have a nice calm structure with grounding to it. To use an analogy, you can imagine it like a large oak tree with a big canopy, a large extended root system, a nice size trunk, and everything is created together the way it is supposed to be.

With sensitive people, a lot of times their energy stays up in the upper chakra system - it’s like having the canopy of an oak tree only supported by the root of a ficus - it doesn’t work because that root system can’t healthfully and sustainably support that type of canopy.

Often for sensitive people, their energy field is much like a tornado - it’s wide, open, active, and kind of chaotic at the top in the upper chakras, and really spindly in the lower chakras creating an instability. This is what leads to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety on an energetic level. It is more complicated than that, but this is what shows up energetically.

In this video, you’ll learn how sensitive people can strengthen their root chakra for grounding and embodiment.

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Strengthen Your Root Chakra

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