The Magic of Energy Healing

​The Magic of Energy Healing

​Energy healing is my first love.

It probably saved my life and it's something that I am just so, so grateful for on a personal and professional level.

So, what is energy? I know that it’s kind of a nebulous term and there are a lot of different types of energy healing out there, so I'll just touch on a couple of them here…

Energy healing is a way of working with and manipulating the subtle energies that are connected to the physical body and the energy bodies that surround it in such a way that it supports mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

OK, so what exactly does that mean? What that means is that when somebody is practicing energy healing, that person is really attuned to, or aligned with, the healing energy that is all around us. One modality that is very common and that I practice is Reiki - the rei means universal life force, and the ki means energy, like chi or prana (the non-physical energy that animates all living things). This means that Reiki is connected to the universal life force and energy that is all around us.

When you become a Reiki practitioner, you become attuned to that energy, and you become a channel for it. From that moment on, you can pull the energy through you and out of your hands, and that energy will interact with the subtle energy field of the person that you're working with (or yourself if you're working on yourself) to effect positive change.

We are energy, we are created from and are completely energy. When you see me, what you see is the physical expression of my energy. This is just one part of what makes up who I am. It’s the part that is the densest, and the part that all of us can see when we look at each other, but there are extending out from me various energy fields that are also a part of me.

That may still sound pretty abstract, and you might think that interacting with energy is something only people who practice energy healing can experience… but the reality is that most people do engage with the energy field to some degree.

For example, when we say that we like or dislike somebody’s vibe, we’re tuned into their “vibe”, which really is their energy field. A person may be smiling and saying, “I'm great, everything's good,” but underneath you're getting a really different energy. You might feel like there's something off about that person, or think I just don't like that person's vibe. When that happens, it’s because we're tuned into the energy field that is around that person, it’s what we call the aura.

Want to learn more about working with the energy field, energy healing, and how you can practice energy healing for yourself? Check out the video below…

The Magic of Energy Healing

As I mentioned, there are many different types of energy healing, from the more common methods like acupuncture, to shamanic healing, and Reiki, which itself has many variations. 

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, I invite you to contact me to learn more about my Reiki workshops and training.

Sending you so much love,

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