​September Forecast: Through the Heart of the Divine Feminine

​In the spirit of changing things up a bit in my practice, I’ll now be doing a monthly card pull, or forecast, to offer you insights into ways that the Divine Feminine is supporting you over the course of the month.

If you missed my September 2nd card reading + Divine Feminine Affirmation Activation with Catherine Labouré, you can watch and receive that HERE.The first card, Rabi’a, correlates to SELF; the middle card, Sarah-La-Kali, corresponds to RELATIONSHIPS; and the card on the right, Marguerite Porete, sheds insight on CAREER (note that this can be whatever you spend the majority of your “working” hours nurturing).

September DF Card Pull

With the busyness of our everyday lives, it can be difficult to carve out time for ourselves. The paradox is that the busier we are, the more we need that time! Self-realization comes through taking the time to get still and be quiet, and through getting to know the deeper desires of your own heart. Rabi’a comes to you this month to show you that your “self” is desiring a more profound connection.

How can you be more still with yourself? 

Can you find ways to be quiet so that your truth will be illuminated?For Rabi’a, a Sufi mystic and poet who lived in 8th century (what is now) Iraq, her self-realization came through her deep and unwavering faith in Allah. For you, this may differ, but getting quiet and going within is the way to understand your heart, as Rabi’a said, “as a place where no walls or names exist.” Doing so, can take you into your own experience of ecstasy.How are you holding yourself back from this experience? 

Rabi’a encourages you to step into yourself, to plunge yourself into your own heartfelt commitment to loving yourself unconditionally, without borders, without walls.Where can you let down those same borders and walls in your relationships this month? 

Sarah-La-Kali provides balance to the introspection of Rabi’a. Go deep into your own depths, yes, but, don’t forget that you are also stronger when you are in community with others.Sarah-La-Kali, the Queen of the Outsiders, reminds you that you are never an outsider even when you most desperately feel that you are. She lived in 1st century Southern France in the town of Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mers and it is believed by many that she stood on the shores and welcomed the three Marys (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany) as they arrived following the crucifixion of Christ. For Sarah-La-Kali, there is only love to share.

Loving to this extreme might not be possible for you at the moment, but how can you allow yourself to open up your heart more to those closest to you?

And can you welcome any new relationships into your life?

How can you show others that you are a safe place for them, while receiving that for yourself as well?And while this is a message of opening your heart and knocking down walls, this is not the type of acceptance that asks you to let go of boundaries that serve and take care of you. As you go through this process, be discerning. Boundaries are a beautiful act of self-love. Another gorgeous act of self-love is recognizing when you are able to relax them in order to let more love in.When it comes to career, we have insights coming from Marguerite Porete, the Mystic of Divine Love. During her lifetime, the mid 13th- 14th centuries in France, Marguerite penned a little work that caused a huge splash, The Mirror of Simple Souls. This book revealed the process that she went through to be transformed by love and in it she shared her experience that everyone has access to God since God is love.Her masterpiece was deemed heretical and it was ordered destroyed by the Bishop of Cambrai, though it continued to be circulated. At this point, Marguerite was ordered to stop circulating the book and to recant her words.But she refused to take back her words.Even though she knew she would likely die for it, she did not recant her work.She knew what she believed, she stood by her heart and her work. She trusted herself and her truth over others who ultimately had her killed for such heresy.What do you believe in? 

And what are you doing to bring that into the world?

Do you know it to be your truth and does it light you up so much that nothing and no one can snuff it out of you?

Marguerite asks you to look inside and to find your absolute truth, to find the thing that feels so good, so right, that you could never forsake it. There’s also a little memo coming in that if you haven’t found this yet – this singular passion that holds above all others, that is okay, too. But start looking, start playing, and start noticing…

A lot of the time we do know, but we’ve had to bury it as a result of ridicule or trauma from the past. And it can take a while under those conditions to experience the reveal.

Sarah-La-Kali is chiming in here as well to remind you: You have arrived. You are never an outsider to love and love will lead the way.

Sending you so much love,