November Forecast: Fortune is Shining Down on You!

​November Forecast: Fortune is Shining Down on You!

It’s not every day that you get a card pull like this for abundance, so when you do, it’s a great moment to enjoy the energy that is coming through and throw up a little cheer to the goddesses. After all, that is what prosperity is all about, isn’t it? Gratitude, celebration, appreciation - the expansiveness of those emotions that invites even more to celebrate in.

The intention for this card pull is a little different than the last few that I’ve done. I pulled with the intention for the beginning of the month, then the middle and then the end.

November 2019 Forecast Fortune is Shining Down on You

Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity came through for the beginning of the month. 

She speaks of the type of abundance that naturally emanates from a life lived in alignment to your soul’s path or purpose. She supports you in aligning with what most lights you up, so that you are able to enjoy the experience of life.

Life is abundant when we feel happy, connected and aligned. This doesn’t necessitate that we know exactly what our “purpose” is, but it does push us to start taking stock of the life we’re living.

Do I enjoy what I’m doing?

How does this activity make me feel?

How does this relationship feel to me?

Asking yourself these questions and then taking the needed steps to become more aligned with the things in life that do truly light you up, puts you in the frequencies of abundance. And once there, more is already on its way.

For mid-month, Danu provides us with assurance.

She is a Celtic mother goddess, the light that birthed all into being. Her name means “the flowing one” and like Lakshmi, she portends abundance. She brings inspiration, fertility, bounty: whatever seeds you’ve been planting are taking root and growing. This is the time in which you will see the fruits of you labor grow enough to be harvested.

This is the time to stay in flow. Harnessing the energy of both Lakshmi and Danu allows you to stay in faith.

What are you enjoying?

How can you stay with it and trust?

Danu reminds you that even when things look outwardly fallow, when you remain in the flow, when you continue to follow your yeses, life leads you where your soul wants you to go. And that process in and of itself is one of continual creation that, coupled with gratitude, appreciation and trust, will not just reap a great financial harvest, but more importantly, it will nourish and fill you up on the inside.

The energy of Skuld comes in late in the month to support us in our process of becoming. 

Skuld is one of three Norse fate goddesses and her name means “Shall be” or “She who is becoming.” She picks up where Danu has led us and shows us that the seeds that we’ve planted are indeed about to ripen for harvest, but that rather than getting caught up in the need for a certain expectation to play out, we are best served by staying in the present moment.

This embodied presence brings us full circle with the energy of Lakshmi. From this space of internal presence, we can tap into the soul’s drive, its yearnings and its whispers. It then leads us into the flow of manifestation that we experience with Danu, which nudges us to then come back to the embodied presence of Skuld.

The abundance is in the here and now. It’s in the moments of joy when we see a baby’s smile or when we are of service in a way that lights us up. It’s in the hug you receive when you most need it and the random act of kindness from a stranger that you might have missed if you’d had your head buried in your phone. And it’s also in wealth, but it’s a great reminder that external wealth is a natural byproduct of the riches we connect with on the inside.

The energies of these three goddesses working together creates a rhythm for us that extends beyond the 1-2-3 recipe of this reading into a more fluid guide for living. As you allow yourself to stay attuned to this cycle of receiving inspiration; aligning with it and planting it; and then enjoying the benefits of it, your life opens up. It expands. And the appreciation and joy that you feel can only magnify.

May you have a blessed November!

Lots of love,

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