December Forecast: Flow, Creation, and Celebration

December Forecast: Flow, Creation, and Celebration

Mama Qocha, Danu, and Nike have stepped forth to share their wisdom and love with you this month, and the energy of them together is creating some dynamic action – if you let it.

Allowance is the key here. ​

December 2019 Forecast

Mama Qocha, the Incan goddess of water, is a reminder of all that flows. 

This is especially true of your emotions and your creative energies: are you allowing movement of these powerful forces? It may seem overwhelming at times to let these energies go, but when you can allow for flow from a grounded and embodied place (taking care to be present to this presence), magic can unfold.

Emotions are life force energy and when they are stifled, life becomes stagnant. You may feel rigidity and this could show up in your finances, your relationships, your ability to create in any area of your life.

If you’ve been feeling this sluggishness, examine the energy of water and flow in your life: Where can I find ease? How can I allow more movement? Is it possible for me to step through my fears and limiting beliefs so that I can experience a shift in energy? Do I need to emote?

As you examine those questions, let yourself be guided. Notice what pops up for you and take action when possible. If you feel resistant to taking action, note why and work your way through it.

The energy of flow leads us nicely into the appearance of Danu, the Celtic Earth goddess, for this reading (who also appeared last month! 

She’s really working on this magical manifesting thing with us). Danu shows you who you are becoming and she does it with magic. All of the seeds, ideas and intentions you’ve been planting are now ripening.

There is magic in the air throughout this process, especially if you can stay committed to the energy of Mama Qocha and flow. Remember that without water, the earth can’t produce, so let it flow and know that you have the assurance of Danu that all is working out in divine timing. If you feel like you’ve been in a dry spell, check in with your energy of flow and adjust. And then, just trust.

This is a time of abundance, if you allow it to be.

The energy of Nike is a nice balance to this reading and to the overall energy of the month. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and she calls to us to share the sweet calls of celebration.

We’ve often been taught to downplay our strengths, to be demure, to not boast or brag. Nike nudges us to toss that thinking into the rubbish bin. We have come far, we have earned every stripe and we’ve certainly done it with a mixture of grace, grit and mess! Regardless of how it has looked, what we’ve accomplished is such an important part of who we are.

And if you’re downplaying this in your mind right now, catch yourself. You have accomplished so much, you may have just forgotten that what you do matters. Who you are matters. As you celebrate, the energies that are expressed through Mama Qocha and Danu amplify. Your abundance magnifies. All that is celebrated continues to birth itself through you, through the essence of Creation itself.

This month’s reading is a beautiful reminder of the potential that is within you when you open up, allow and trust. It’s also a nudge to get clear on what you are wanting to create as you move into the new year and a new decade. Be as clear in your intentions as you can and then allow the energy to flow in that direction while celebrating each little victory along the way

Lots of love,

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Kristin Hunt - December 9, 2019 Reply

Yes! Danu is my goddess. I just recently found her and she’s helping to shape a new path in my life. So thankful I found her, Sadv, and Flidais.

    Janet Raftis - December 10, 2019 Reply

    How wonderful! She is amazing and I also love her so much. Many blessings on this new path for you.

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