January Forecast: Flow, Creation, and Celebration

New year, new decade, so much potential! And the message that is coming through for us to release and lighten up so that we can share our voices in the world.

For this reading, I asked:

  • What do we need to leave behind? 
  • What are we leaning into in the New Year?
  • And what can most support us in the upcoming decade?

With these questions in mind, view January as the springboard for this work, focusing on whatever healing needs to take place for the release that Green Tara supports and beginning the process of opening up to the energies brought through from Iris and Uzume.

January 2020 Forecast

For the release work, Green Tara, a Tibetan goddess whose name means “she who saves” prompts you to look at your ego constructs.

How has your ego been getting in the way of your true work, your soul work?

When you tune into your path and your direction, do you feel guided by your soul or do you notice your ego busting in with questions and doubts?

Green Tara supports you in acknowledging the fear that may be lurking in the background and then doing the work to heal it and release it.

Practice deepening gratitude as well. So as you release, welcome and appreciate all that is. Allow there to be space in your life for the wonder, the awe, the miraculous that is your existence and all that you have manifested. For every one thing you could find wrong, there are a multitude that are right. Gratitude will feed your alignment and fuel your journey.

Iris, the Greek messenger goddess, eases us into the new year with a message around communication.

Iris, the Greek messenger goddess, eases us into the new year with a message around communication.

The feeling that is coming through her is to amplify your voice. Be loud, be heard. This isn’t about empty loudness; this is about speaking out, speaking aloud your alignment, your passion. As you move through the resistance from the ego, let your soul shout out.

What does it have to say?

What is wanting to move through you and into the world?

And if you are working on that book or thinking about getting some speaking gigs, Iris is giving you a resounding YES! You have something to share; your voice matters. Dig in, find the words and write/sing/dance/voice them into the world.

As for the bigger picture over the next decade... 

You are supported with laughter, lightness. Uzume, the Japanese goddess of laughter and mirth, asks you to take a look at the lens through which you perceive the world:

In what ways are you too heavy?

How do you take yourself too seriously?

Life is serious, but when we become laden down with the energy of seriousness, we lose ourselves. We fall prey to worry and angst. We start to focus on what isn’t there instead of what is.

Uzume pushes you to bring more laughter into your world. To find the lightness, to celebrate it, to shift energy through smiles and laughter and dance. This type of paradigm shift can light your world on fire in the very best way! It burns away the denser energies and clears the way for expansion. It opens you, it lifts you, it ignites you.

Bring laughter into your every day. Use it when things feel heavy. Allow it to lift you up. And if you’re someone who really struggles with this, engage in an activity such as laughter meditation, laughter yoga, or improv. Set an intention for humor and watch your world open up.

Lots of love,

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