​February 2020 Forecast: Success is Right in front of You

February 2020 Forecast

​With fresh new year vibes, Nike, the Greek Goddess of Ambition continues the flow of energy that was created with our intentions for the new year. She comes through to ask us to look at what we’ve created, to honor it and celebrate it, for what we celebrate grows.Nike’s ambition is a type of drive that is in alignment with who we are and when we feel that we are lead right towards success. This isn’t blind ambition or the type of aspiration that leaves us feeling ragged and exhausted. Instead, she celebrates that which flows through us. Sure, some action is necessary, but she works with divine action, holy steps that allow us to feel the ease and grace that is able to flow through us when we allow it.If you feel out of sync, slow down, take some breaths and regroup. Call in the energy and support of Maya, the Hindu Goddess of Illusion.

Where are you out of alignment?

What do you need to do to shift course?

Really feel into this; tune into your body and your heart and ask if it serves you. And if it doesn’t, change it as quickly as you can.And while you’re doing all of that, celebrate what is working. Revel in your successes, because with each high five that you give yourself, you invite in more of the same.It’s essential that as you go through this process, you make yourself aware of any areas in which you may be dealing with denial or a lack of clarity. When we are able to access the full truth of who we are – even and especially the parts that scare us or challenge us – we transform.

Too often we hide away aspects of ourselves out of shame or fear that looking at them will create issues for us when it’s actually the denial that does the damage.As you go through your inventory, ask what most needs to be seen? Look for what’s hiding with love and compassion so that when you find it, you’re able to gently tease it out. “Gentle” is the operative word here, along with love and compassion; going easy on yourself keeps you in alignment and staying in alignment, in that Nike energy, is what leads you into the abundance energy of Lakshmi.Pulling Lakshmi always puts a smile on my face. The Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi is about all things abundance. It’s money in the bank, but it’s also an abundant heart and love and connection and joy. And her energy is a natural offshoot of the energy of Nike – the alignment and soulful celebration of all that is good along with the ability to, like Maya, cut through the illusion of what is holding you back. When those things are accomplished, the abundance flows. Your soul rejoices and positive energy radiates out from you, attracting more of the same back.Any projects you’re working on now will really benefit from the energy of this month and if you don’t have anything in the works right now, tune into how you can utilize the energy of these goddesses to expand what you’re already playing in.

There is always room to grow, and this month is all about just that!

Lots of love, Janet