​March 2020 Forecast: What would love have me do?

March 2020 Forecast

When we feel a separation of self between who we know ourselves to truly be and who is showing up in the world, the fastest way to get back on track is to turn back within, to look back to ourselves, to peek back into our souls and to ask them:

What would love have me do?This is the essence of what is coming through for us from the Divine Feminine this month. Parvati, Inanna, and White Buffalo Calf Woman are all sharing messages of the power of devotion to the self and how that can devotion can open us up to a type of personal and spiritual expansion that brings with it feelings of abundance and potential.Parvati leads this month. As the Hindu Goddess of Devotion, she reminds us that when we commit ourselves to love, our strength and ability to navigate life amplifies tremendously. 

This is an energy for us to lean into right now…when the going gets tough, instead of getting going, pause and draw inward. Turn back towards yourself and allow yourself to dip into a sense of deep devotion towards you.For some of us, this might be hard. We are taught to NOT do this, especially those of us who are women. We are taught self-sacrifice and that attention to the our own needs is selfish. Parvati wants you to put an end to that. She reminds you that you are your greatest asset. Besides, devotion to yourself not only lifts you up, it lifts up all of those around you as well.This inward expression could bring up the stuff. You know, the kind of stuff that you’ve tried to avoid for a really long time. This is especially true while we remain in this Mercury Retrograde. Instead of turning away, remember that nudge from Parvati, renew your vow of devotion to Self, and then dip into the energy of Inanna, who comes through to support us in this descent into the Underworld.Inanna’s personal journey was to travel through seven gates into the Underworld to comfort her mourning sister. However, her sister forced her to remove an article of clothing at each gate of descent and then killed her and hung her up on a meat hook. Inanna was resurrected three days later (our first ever told tale of resurrection, quite a few years before JC) and was elevated up to the heavens.What this shares with us is that the release of the egoic state, the pulling away of our veils, is exactly what the soul needs in order to ascend. This comes from that devotion to the Self that we are being called to this month and Inanna shows us that true liberation is on the other side of it.All of this stripping away leads us back to ourselves. And once we are back with ourselves, we are open to the discovery or realignment with our soul’s path. Expect there to be some shake ups this month and know that this energy ultimately is set to get you back firmly on track. This might be a challenge, but it will point you in the direction you may not even have known you needed to be in.White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Prophetess of the Sacred Way, reminds you that this remembrance of your sacred path is the road that leads you to abundance. 

This month is a journey back to who you are, a release of the veils that stand in the way of you living that truth and then the subsequent alignment with the soul essence of who you are. Remember that within your truth is your expansion; within your truth is the abundance that you deserve.

Lots of love, Janet