April 2020 Forecast: From Destruction, the Phoenix Rises

​April 2020 Forecast: From Destruction, the Phoenix Rises

April 2020 Forecast

Considering the times we are moving through right now, it is no surprise at all that the Sphinx has showed up for us this month!

The energy of this goddess is all about moving through challenges.

She is a goddess that was present in a variety of ancient traditions. In the Greek tradition, she was represented with a woman’s head and breasts, dog’s body, lion’s paws, wings of an eagle and the tail of a serpent. In Egypt, she was the guardian of the horizons and she held the keys to the wisdom gates.

Across traditions, she was revered as the one who presented the challenges that initiates had to confront in order to spiritually grow.

This is exactly where we are right now. The Sphynx is pushing you to go deep here. Now is your opportunity; how will you meet it?

She wants you to know that this challenge brings you great gifts, if you allow yourself to lean into it, to believe in yourself, and to fully access your power.

You are greater than the sum of your parts and yet each aspect has an important role to play in who you are and who you can be. What can you integrate? And how can you use that integration to animate yourself?

With Isis coming in, we are being shown the need to mother ourselves along with the continued theme of integration. Isis is the Egyptian mother goddess, sister and wife to Osiris and mother to Horus, the Sun God.

When Osiris was killed and dismembered, Isis collected all of the pieces and reassembled them. She was able to locate all but his penis, so she created one out of gold. Through her ability as a healer and her ability to work magic, she brought him back to life and then conceived Horus.

When faced with adversity, she didn’t falter. She didn’t hold herself back; she leaned into her power and kicked some serious ass, and then, once she had blown life back into her beloved, she made love to him and brought forth a child, the god of the Sun, that which allows life on earth to thrive.

What can you create from the pieces around you? Which ones need to be refashioned? What are you creating? What can you make love to and what can you birth?

And then there’s Shakti, which in some ways encompasses the energies of both. Shakti is the primordial mother goddess in the Hindu tradition and she is embodied by Parvati, Durga and Kali.Shakti is the Divine Feminine energy within us that rises from the base of our spine and animates us. It destroys and it creates. It pulls down and rebuilds. She explodes into your life and through your body to energize and vitalize you.

What in your life needs to be destroyed so that you can rebuild?

We are in a time of creation of a new world, a new paradigm – and so much of the old, toxic masculine patriarchal structure is being torn down in order to make room for that. Taking time to channel the Skakti energy, the Divine Mother, and to work with it with intention and focus and faith, will allow you to create from your Source that which is most aligned with you.

I’m sending love out to you as we move through these challenges. From my heart to yours, may you find peace, alignment and expansion

Lots of love,

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