​October Forecast: Release, Center, Attract Abundance

Oh this card pull and the energy coming up feels soooo good!

If you missed my October 7th card reading + Divine Feminine Affirmation Activation with Our Lady of Guadalupe, you can watch and receive that HERE.

This reading is divided into three sections or points of spiritual interest for us over the upcoming month: the SELF, RELATIONSHIPS, and CAREER

October 2019 Energy Forecast


When it comes to our focus on ourselves, Machig Labdrön comes through to show us that the demons we may be facing are coming to us so that we may ultimately experience a new found sense of liberation. Machig is known as “the Diamond-Hearted Dakini” and she is a part of a still existent lineage of women who have reincarnated from the female Buddha, Vajrayogini. (The current incarnation of this lineage, Lama Tsultrim Allione, lives in Colorado in the United States.) In her tantric teachings, Machig believed that the demons within us are the egoic constructs that keep us from experiencing true freedom and she encourages us to go within, confront your shadow and move through it. Become intimate with your demons; there is a gift within the darkness if we are brave enough to find it.There is an encouragement coming through here and a reminder that you are not alone as you move through and process all that comes up for you.


In the relationship sector, we have the gentle, loving and nurturing energy of Hestia. Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth (her name actually means “fireplace” or “altar”) and she is like a warm blanket that is wrapped around your shoulders on a cold night. I often feel like she is the sanctuary that is within us when we allow ourselves to access it.There are two messages coming from Hestia that feel simultaneously important here. The first is that the truest home is within us. With regards to relationships, this shows us that when we feel good within ourselves, we are able to connect well with others. When we love ourselves, honor ourselves, and tend to ourselves, it is easy and fun, joyous to experience relationship with another. Take time this month to tend to your primary relationship: the one with yourself. Use the energy of Machig to go within and go deep and the energy of Hestia and her light to feel loved, honored and supported through the process.And also remember that community supports. As you go through this shadow work, reach out to your people. Gather in Circle or for tea. Hold each other up and send each other funny texts. Listen when there is something to hear and speak when there is something to be said.


I can’t think of a more desirable goddess to come through for the career focus of a reading! Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She is most often depicted with a lotus flower to remind us that all life seeks to move through the darkness and into the light. This also forms a powerful trio of energy with Machig and Hestia, as Machig reminds us of the power of darkness and Hestia holds the light of the fire that sustains us. These three ladies are here to hold you through this growth, and……to remind you that on the other side of all of this growth is abundance. Abundance might mean financial growth to you, but it can also be a sense of prosperity in any area of your life. (Mind you, this came through in career, so don’t be surprised when the money starts rolling in!)The inner work will help you to get here, it will help you to open and create the space for the abundance to flow. It will show you what you truly desire, what career really lights you up, and it will help you to transition. When you are happy doing what you do, abundance comes easily. The experience of joy opens the floodgates and allows the energy of expansion/abundance to rain down on you.As you go through the month, ask yourself: Am I open? Am I receiving? If not, what is blocking me? Ask Machig to show you the associated shadow and then dive in to healing it. Abundance is our natural state, and it is an inside job. Remember that what is on the inside is reflected on the outside and do what needs to be done to invite the flow of life that is created when we let our souls speak through our work.May you have a blessed October!

Lots of love,