May 2020 Forecast

Surrender into the Wild Woman You Are

May 2020 Forecast

May feels like a month of ups and downs, celebrations and challenges. It all feels like it can be navigated with relative grace and ease, though the more you can lean into the energy and the emotions and the stuff, the easier and more graceful it will be.I absolutely LOVE that Baba Yaga came through for us. Baba Yaga is a Slavic birth/death crone goddess and her energy is magical and her wisdom potent.

But what I love most about her is that she is the essence of the Wild Woman in Crone form: she embodies both the wisdom of the child and the wisdom of the elder.And she wants that for you, too. When life gets tough, the tendency can be to go into your head, to try to mentally push through it, to figure it out. Some issues aren’t best figure-out-able though. There are times when going into the body, when accessing the embodied wisdom of the goddess, will do more for you.For Baba Yaga, this wild woman energy comes through in dance. She invites you to dance your way into freedom, to release you from the pain of the mental gymnastics that lead you into anxiety. She shows you how to open your heart to that which you’ve always known to be true, to that which has always beckoned you, but that your mind may have overridden. Your truth has always been inside of you and the essence of it is sacredly held by the wild woman within. Dance your way back to her and allow her to shower you with your own truth.While you’re at it, a little surrender will go a long way as well… Yemaya, a Santería African Caribbean Goddess of the Sea (originally known as Yemoja, the West African Yoruban River Mother – her name was changed when the Yoruban people were stolen and forced to come to the New World as slaves), supports you in surrendering to what is.So often we have expectations of what we want or think we need things to be, and when we cling to those ideas, we end up stuck in a battle of wills between ourselves and the Divine.Let go of what you think you need. Trust that the goddess knows what is best for you. Turn it over to her and let her work out the details. She loves you and she wants the best for you. Allow for that to unfold, remembering that you are only able to see a small portion of what is possible.As you move through your month, every time you notice that you feel like you’re up against a wall, stuck or stymied, call on Yemaya and move into a state of active surrender as quickly as you can. This isn’t giving up; this is giving over. From this space, you will be guided and you will know which steps to take.Through it all, remember that compassion is a powerful energy that will take what feels constricted and closed and open it up to receiving blessings. It is really hard to surrender when we are in judgment, and yet the tendency, when we’re in the aforementioned head space, is to go there and then judge all of the reasons why or why not things are unfolding as they are.Get curious with yourself instead. Quan Yin brings powerful compassion medicine into the picture for you. As the Chinese Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion, she holds you in her loving heart while you sort through what is going on.When you notice the judgments — the shoulds, ought to’s, if onlys etc. — come back around to curiosity: Why is this coming up? What is it that I’m really feeling? What do I need to know? And then drop in with love for your sweet self as you navigate whatever challenges are coming up for you.If strong emotions come up, call back in the energy of Yemaya. As a water goddess, the emotional realm is one that she navigates. Feel the emotions fully, allow them to move through you and rely on her as a source of emotional support as you stay connected to the energy of compassion for yourself, your journey and all that is coming up for you.These three goddesses work well together, too! When you’re struggling, start with a dance to loosen the energy up and to support you in accessing your wild woman! As emotions come up, lean into them, allow them to flow through you and surrender into the arms of the great mother. Wrap up this ceremony with loving compassion towards yourself, perhaps a salt bath or a guided meditation, whatever will help you to feel nurtured, pampered and loved.

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Lots of love,Janet