July Forecast: examining your relationship with scarcity

July 2020 Forecast

Examining Your Relationship with Scarcity

July 2020 Forecast

This may be a challenging month, but the tools and support are here for you.

The Four of Pentacles came through in reversed position, showing you that you are likely in over-protection mode and that you may be holding back out of a sense of scarcity or lacking confidence about your security and your assets.

Spirit is asking you to let go a little here, to loosen your grip on what you think you need to have.

She’s nudging you into seeing the bigger picture, which is that there is more than enough for you and for everyone. Right now, the world needs you to show up as the most open and trusting version of yourself that you can be.

No more playing small. Trust that you have the resources that you need to have what you desire as well as to support others. There is too much dysfunction when it comes to money and security and you’re being asked to question how you operate within this paradigm - and not just how you manage your own resources, but also how you share your resources (whether they be financial, time, or service driven) with others.

This theme is picked up with the Queen of Pentacles, which also popped through in reverse. She’s picking up how you might be being a little stingy with your self-care and she asks you: How are you holding back your care for yourself or others? With the 4 of Pentacles there is a perceived scarcity of resources and with the Queen of Pentacles there is a shortage of self-care.

Self-love can be rich and lavish - even in its simplest forms, like a hot bath or a hike through the woods. And when you are filled up with your own nurturance and nourishment, you are able to give to others from a full cup. This is vital.

Again, I’m hearing it repeated: The world needs you right now, your heart and your warrior spirit. Ask yourself what that means for you and tune into how you can make it happen. What can you do to rest and nurture your sweet body and soul?

Go deep here.

Kuan Yin, the goddess who came through as a primary energetic source of support for you this month, will hold you through this process. She’s asking you to unearth your fears and your limitations and to really notice what is coming up for you.

How are you being triggered?

Where in your body do you feel the discomfort of systemic racism, financial disarray, political chaos?

Really notice what is in your body and give it space and voice to share what is being held deep within you.

And then, turn your love to it.
Show yourself a deep and abiding love and then turn that love on others who need it. Tune into how to share your voice, your service, your love in this world and keep coming back to the energy of compassion. You’ll need it.

The Ten of Staves shows us that the load is heavy. You may be trying to pass things off like you’ve got it and you don’t need any help, but one of the bows is heavy and it’s bending. You don’t have to do this all on your own. Take care of yourself and reach out to your community. Let the love shine. Do the work, let the love shine. Rinse and repeat.

This is not an easy time, but it is a necessary time.
And you, dear lightworker, are a part of this riddle that is playing out. What do you want to see reconciled, shifted, changed, transformed? Define it, take care of what needs to be healed within you to achieve it for yourself and then take it into the world.

Lots of love,

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Judi - July 6, 2020 Reply

I really needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing. I will meditate on this and make adjustments & improvements.

    Janet Raftis - July 6, 2020 Reply

    So grateful that this message showed up for you. xx

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