Activating the Warrior Goddess Within You

Activating the Warrior Goddess Within You

Activating the Warrior Goddess Within

From Wonder Woman to Princess Leia, the Warrior archetype is one that has been revered and loved by many of us growing up in the 20th and 21st centuries.

It is a highly recognizable archetype because it is so commonly used in storytelling – from fairy tales to comic books, novels and big screen productions, the Warrior has wowed us for millennia.

And the warrior is not just for boys and men – girls and women have also embraced her energy and historically have had plenty of models of this archetype to look up to.

Famous goddess warriors of the past such as Athena, Bast, Frejya and the Morrighan, held their followers in rapt attention. In her, we see our strength, our courage, our boldness. She reminds us of our resilience, our discernment and our holy hell yes. She is power and confidence and determination.

Through the embodiment of the Warrior, revolutions are fought (think Joan of Arc), ideals are upheld, and change is created within stagnant systems (think AOC, Elizabeth Warren and the Black Lives Matter movement).

And while the energy of the Warrior may feel elusive to you, she is within you.

Archetypes are a part of the collective consciousness, all present and available to you, to be tuned into, activated and embodied. (The reverse is also true in that when an archetype is overactive or disruptive within you, you can heal the parts of you that resonate with it or the shadow aspects of it.)

Activating the Warrior archetype within you supports you in standing up for your rights and the rights of others, she ignites your confidence and determination, she helps you to create healthy boundaries, assert your truth and to live in integrity with your values.

To activate her, first dedicate an intention to this. If you work with altars, set one up to the archetype itself and perhaps include a Warrior goddess that resonates with you. A few of them are: Athena (Minerva), Bast, Sekhmet, Kali, Durga, the Morrighan and Freyja (though there are many more). Create your intention, write it out and place it on your altar. Revisit it often and create different ways to work with it.

If you don’t work with altars, you could write it on a mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker, make it the screensaver on your phone or place it around your house where you’ll see it often.

Communicate with her through meditation and journaling. Even the novice can do this – your mindset and belief are as important as the skill, which will increase with consistent practice. Start with meditating; open yourself up to Source energy and the goddess. Call on the goddess you most resonate with to be with you (even if you don’t get a thunderbolt of recognition, trust that she is with you).

Transition from close eyed meditation to journaling (you’ll still be in a semi-meditative state) and ask yourself questions such as:

What am I fighting for?


Who am I fighting for?

What is my holy action?

As you ask the last question, know that the Warrior is not just about sweeping social change and revolution; she also shows up for hard conversations that we need to have, writing a letter to your local politician, advocating for your child and more. She’s also in the little things that you may have been taught to be quiet about (societal structures often condition the Warrior out of us).

Through the journaling, tune into what matters to you and why. Call on the Warrior goddess to support you, to show you, to share with you. You will likely be surprised by some of the insights that come through when you do this. Ask to be shown what steps to take and ask for the courage to follow through with them.

As you work more with the Warrior energy, you will notice what wants to be healed, the areas of your life where you find it hardest to speak up, where your confidence wanes, or where you let others make decisions for you. When the awareness comes up, step into it.

When in balance, the Warrior stays away from judgment and instead asks, “How can I shift this? What do I need to know and what can I do to step into a new energy?” If it needs healing, heal it. If it needs love, love it. Stay connected to a productive way of working through your limitations and wounds.

To a certain degree, activating the Warrior within you will depend on your life, experience, and history with trauma; we all have archetypes that we are more familiar with and stepping into something like the Warrior could be hard if you suffered from abuse of any sort as a child.

But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t accessible to you, because she is! She’s there and starting with these simple steps, you can strengthen this archetype within you.

And if you’re curious to know which goddess archetyp
e you most strongly resonate with
check out this quiz I created! It’s super fun and insightful. I hope you enjoy it!

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