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There’s this thing about patriarchy: You can’t trust it. The very foundations of it are built upon oppression and in order to oppress, deceit of some sort must be employed in order for people to buy into it.

So as we divest from it, we need to question it – the rules, the dogma, the “sin” and all of the other “evils” that it purports to manage and contain.

In order for patriarchy to succeed, it destroyed, shamed, and reviled all that came before it. For it to become the unquestioned and unchallenged societal structure, it needed to have functions that “served the greater good” while redefining what that greater good was. It’s no spoiler to say that what patriarchy sought to control was women.

The takedown of the Goddess occurred over 3.5 thousand years and it involved both violent and warring takeovers of geographic regions and the widespread use of propaganda. And even though these stories were handed down orally through the myths, they spread far and wide, rooting into the psyches of our ancestors and then being handed down for thousands of years. We still repeat Greek myths, Bible stories and other religious scripture in ways that allow for the programming to continue.

There are so many examples of how the messaging was distorted and I’ll be sharing about them on this blog so that we can begin to understand how the messaging still impacts us and to facilitate the re-membrance of our innate worthiness and power as women.

Today, I’m focusing on 666 as I’m posting this on 6-6-24, which is a 666 day (I’m claiming that anyway because any day we celebrate the goddess and ourselves is a good day). It’s a beautiful day to activate the energies of what 666 used to stand for, prior to the church getting its nasty patriarchal paws on it.

So, once upon a time…

666 was the number of Aphrodite. Its meaning was equated with love and sexual connection.

It’s important to mention here that Aphrodite was not a simplified love goddess back in the day. She was a Mother Goddess, a variation of Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna, and Asherah. As the Great Mother, she presided over all cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. 

She was powerful. She was holy. And the pleasure rites (sacred sexual rites) were an essential part of her worship. Priestesses were trained in these pleasure rites and people celebrated the hieros gamos, or sacred union together. The priestess and her consort performed these rituals publicly at times as well, especially during the spring as part of fertility rituals. During these unions, they would engage in the hieros gamos as the Goddess and her consort and offer up their pleasure to her. 

Patriarchy’s playbook went something like this: Take a symbol sacred to the Goddess (snake, Tree of Life, 666 etc), pervert its meaning, then punish and shame those who held onto the “old” ways.

So, with 666, what was a magical and sensual/sexual number became the number of the beast.

Here’s some background on 666 before it became Satan’s calling card:

♥️ 6 was the number of The Mother and Pythagoreans believed that it was a perfect number

♥️ “Six” comes from “sex” in Latin and “sexen” in Egyptian and it meant “to embrace” or “to copulate”

♥️The Egyptian derivative word “seshemu” meant “sexual intercourse” and its hieroglyphic form was a phallus inserted into a yoni gate

♥️ “Sheshemu” was used as a magic charm in Sufi love rituals and it became the spell that opened the gate of the secret uterine cave in Arabic fairy tales. We know this now as “Open, Sesame”

♥️ 666 was a sacred sexual charm sacred to the triple form of Aphrodite 

♥️King Soloman united himself to Ishtar through sacred sexual rites with her priestess, the Shulamite, in the wedding songs still in the Bible. (Have you read these? They are pretty steamy!) Through the talents he acquired as a result, he received 666 talents of gold a year (1 Kings 10:14)

So, what happened? 

Essentially, the church couldn’t handle the sexiness associated with the number 6 or Aphrodite. They then took what was the 666 beast and turned it into the devil. Originally, though, the beast was one with two backs, which represented the Primal Androgyne, which was said to resemble a man and woman in sexual union. The church turned this into the “mark of the beast”

We still see the remnants of the sexual and loving transmission of the number 6 in the tarot as it is the number of the Lovers. This card was originally connected directly to divine sexual union and marriage, as it was believed that a man could not experience wholeness without the experience of union with a woman. In essence, the woman initiated the man into his kingship through sexual union.

Here’s a simple ritual you can do over six days to activate the sensual energies of 666:

Tune into what you desire in terms of reclaiming the energy of 666 – this could be more pleasure, more sexual intimacy, more vulnerability with those you love, greater connection to your body, or meaningful presence…

Each morning, sit at your altar or in sacred space and set the intention to powerfully choose that thing. So, if you are choosing greater sexual intimacy, say out loud each morning: I choose to experience greater sexual intimacy.

Feel the choice in your body. Notice where you feel tight with it and where you feel open with it. There’s no need to “fix” anything, just notice.

Ask Goddess or your higher self what you need to know and embody to live that choice for the day.

This is a practice and it will evolve over the six days and beyond if you continue with it. But when you commit to a choice, the Universe will conspire to make it happen along with you. That means you’ll be given opportunities in which you will need to choose again…and again…and again. Those visceral choices in the moment will anchor the shifts into your body.

May your choices become your reality!

Lots of love,


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  1. Janet this is such a divine share. For years I was afraid of 666 as an omen, I even got that number for my license plate one year and refused to take it, well actually she asked and gave me a choice and I said no. Now of course I wish I had taken it as a few years ago when I started learning about numerology I reclaimed 666 in the form of love and not fear. This articles speaks perfectly to the essence that this angel number holds as well as gave me new information about the goddess which I always love learning more about. I appreciate your wisdom and revealing of truths. Loving you!!!

    1. Katie, what a powerful experience. Even turning down that plate allowed you to lean into the later gift of exploring it for yourself. Yes, the fear runs deep! And that is because it’s a programmed. Sending you much love, lady, as you continue to unwind from the wounding and integrate the truths.

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