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Who I Am

My healing journey began as a way to overcome my own pain and to move beyond the many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from expressing who I AM.

After being raped in high school, I dropped into years of despair in which I felt completely lost and cut off from myself. I turned to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to not feel, and to maintain a sense of disassociation from my body.

I never felt good enough, worthy enough, anything enough…

Relationships were challenging for me – I had no sense of boundaries or self. Saying no was hard for me to do, I had no idea how to navigate life’s ups and downs. I was constantly just barely eking out a living.

I was making progress with my personal healing practice, but I was still stuck.

I felt better, but I was still treading water.

Finally, I took Jennifer Pastiloff’s Manifestation Yoga workshop. This is a workshop about breaking through your fears so that you may move into living a life you love.

In the couple of hours I was there, I felt truly inspired. I left feeling invigorated and uplifted. I wanted what she had. For the first time – maybe ever – I actually felt like I could have it.

But then I returned to my life.

I walked back into the restaurant where I was still working even though I had become a practicing Reiki Master years before. I felt the same frustration at not being able to buy my son an extra pair of shoes. I was still worried that something would happen to the cat or the dog or the kid and I wouldn’t be able pay for it.

I still felt bad that I had been holding onto dreams that always seemed out of my reach.

The old despair was still there.

I had felt it lift for a few hours while in the cocoon of the workshop, but then my real life smacked me in the face.

Just like it always did.

For a moment, I had believed that it could change. For a moment, I had believed in myself. And then…POOF!

I was back doing the exact same thing I had been doing for years.

And then 3 days after the workshop, I was scrolling through my email. I had checked out The Institute for Integrative Nutrition the preceding spring but didn’t have the money for it. Now they were offering half off tuition. I still felt like I couldn’t do it.

Lack of money was always the excuse. It seemed there was never enough.

I was always chasing everything I wanted.

Frustrated, I got up and walked into the bathroom. As I washed my hands, I looked down at the peeling temporary tattoo that I had placed on my wrist with so much anticipation and excitement just three days earlier while in that workshop.

It was peeling and crumbly, but I could still make out the words:

What are you manifesting?

Janet Raftis

And in that moment I got it.

If I didn’t change, I would only continue to manifest more of the same.

I signed up for the course just minutes later. And then the next phase of my life truly began.

Today I am not a health coach and that is perfectly right. I actually see now that I didn’t take that course to go into nutrition; I took it to go into life. It was the jumpstart I needed.

This is when I embraced my work as a healer and when I stepped fully into my power to help others do the same.

Everything changed for the better.

From that point on, my healing practice deepened dramatically as well. I was more aligned and connected than ever before. Because I trusted in and believed in myself, and as a result of my personal work, I was able to understand and give so much more.

I have finally moved through the FEAR and into MY POWER.

I have released patterns and worked through the trauma.

I understand boundaries, and I am able to communicate my needs and desires to others. I feel healthy, vibrant, and alive. I am joyous, even when life is difficult.

I’ve become a master of my own energy field and how to support empaths and highly sensitive people so that they can access their gifts and intuition in a way that feels safe and supported. Every year I support hundreds of people in their healing and intuitive development process.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you. My process was long, but yours doesn’t have to be.



Professional Bio

Janet Raftis is an energy healer and psychic medium with over a decade of experience helping others to heal and release outdated patterns of belief so that they may transition out of areas in which they feel stuck and into the life they truly desire.

Janet works with sensitive men and women who are looking to heal through energetic means and step into their intuitive gifts.. She offers a wide range of services to meet all of her clients needs, including her signature Weekly Remote Restorative Healing & Meditation Membership, Activate Your Superpowers Program, and in-person retreats.

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