Activating & Amplifying the Essence of Abundance with the Goddess

Abundance is not external to us. It’s not meant to be chased or caught or even earned. 

Abundance comes from within and is an embodiment of your own divine feminine nature, connected to and within the womb of the Goddess. 

And it is precisely because the nature of the goddess is abundance itself that patriarchy cut us off from this re-membrance and instead instigated and maintained a model of competition and scarcity. We’ve been taught that abundance is elusive, earned, something that must be obtained by stepping over or taking away from others.

In dividing us from our true essence, we became fragmented. Pre-patriarchy, woman and man lived in cooperative societies that were egalitarian in nature. They lived in harmony with Gaia and all of her inhabitants; the animals and plants were brothers and sisters, all children of the loving, benevolent, life affirming Mother.

When dominator societies began the invasions that led to the rise of patriarchy in Old Europe and the Near East, everything changed. With the charge of the lightning god, these invaders killed, raped and maimed cooperative communities and instilled hierarchical rules. They usurped the existing cultures, suppressed the Mother Goddess and created division and competition.

That was 5,000 years ago and we still live within this same scarcity model.

But it is time to awaken, time to re-member that there is more than enough for all and that when we re-wire scarcity into prosperity, we can share, allocate and harmonize. We open ourselves to the abundance that is innate to us, that is goddess given, that is our birthright.

You matter, your happiness matters, your sense of fulfillment and ease matter. There is no need to struggle anymore.

The Goddess is here to catch you, to hold you, to allow you to surrender into a new way of being, which is actually the old way.

In this healing bundle, the Goddess brings you back to yourself and your innate nature and she activates the codes of re-membrance within you so that you can embody the experience of abundance. You will work with Ostara, Isis and Gaia to align you with the innate essence of Abundance that you are so that you may move from a model of scarcity to one of prosperity.


  • A guided healing meditation with Ostara to set your intentions for this healing journey
  • Two powerful healing activations with Isis and Gaia that will support you in experiencing more abundance, creative capacity and love
  • A ritual that connects you more deeply with the goddess archetype that embodies Abundance
  • Information on crystals and anointing oils that support the activation of Abundance
  • A loving invocation to open your heart to the goddess
  • An Amplify Your Abundance Card Spread to receive guidance from the goddess and your higher self to support you on this journey


This E-book will guide you through:

  • Detailed descriptions & how to use the audio healing meditations
  • Ritual and ceremony practices
  • How to use crystals and anointing oil
  • Journaling prompts
  • A powerful invocation
  • And more!


Ostara, also known as Eostre, was the Germanic goddess of the dawn, spring, agriculture and fertility. She has been celebrated for centuries on the vernal equinox and she is closely associated with the Hare and eggs.

As a maiden goddess, she is associated as well with initiations. With Ostara, new life is on the way! This is a time of growth, excitement, following your healthy impulses and taking leaps of faith.


Pre-patriarchy, Isis was known to be the “Oldest of the Old…the Goddess from whom all becoming arose.” She served as the literal foundation of Egypt for centuries, being the actual Egyptian throne upon which all of the pharaohs sat, surrounded and protected by her arms or wings. 

This nurturing and protective goddess resonates with the abundant Mother / Summer archetype and was also known as Isis Fortuna and Isis Panthea. She was worshiped beyond Egypt into Greece, the Roman Empire and Germany. Isis is also a goddess of magic and healing, resurrection and rebirth.


Gaia is the primordial Mother goddess, recognized in some manner in all societies that experienced matriarchal rule. We have evidence of the Mother Goddess dating back as far as 25,000 years ago during the Paleolithic Era! Gaia is her correspondence in the Greek tradition, but she existed across cultures worldwide.

She is the first goddess, the primeval One, the creatrix of all life. She is who creates us, sustains us and to whom we return at the end of our lives.


Abundance is your birthright and one that the goddess wants you to claim.

When you live abundantly, you are able to give abundantly. In a beautiful dance of reciprocity, you are take in that which nurtures and nourishes you so that you can then offer to others from a full well.

Ultimately, Abundance is born of your ability to surrender and receive, knowing that you are more than worthy of all that you are asking for. When you slow down, enjoy life, and bask in pleasure, the goddess is able to deliver to you.

You were meant to thrive. You were meant to be able to enjoy your experience here in your body. Worry and lack take you out of your soul mission and keep you in struggle.