Activating the Warrior Goddess Within You

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June 2020 Forecast

Alchemizing Challenges into Sacred Opportunities

Vajrayogini, the Essence of All Buddhas and the supreme deity in the Tantric pantheon, is a spiritual badass who wants you to remember that you have the power within you to transform any darkness into light. Yes, things have been hard; shit has been going down. But you know what? You get to decide what you do with that. Vajrayogini is full of love for you. She loves you so, so much, and she wants you to experience your own liberation. Because of that, she is uncompromising. She reminds you that the power to save yourself is within you; you already possess it.

And when you face challenges, you have a choice. You can succumb to victimhood or you can use the strength that you already possess within you to turn each of these events and moments into something sacred. Don’t skip over the challenges or the pain. Be present to them. Feel them. Allow them to share their wisdom with you and experience the release that is available for you through them. And then alchemize that shit. Take what is coming up for you, find the sacred nuggets within and use them to dynamically create what you truly desire. And Lalita is the perfect lady to help you with that. Lalita Tripura Sundari is a Hindu deity who is also known as the Red Goddess because of her connection to desire. Her name itself means, “she who plays,” though she is known by 1,000 names.
Lalita, like Vajrayogini, helps you to transmute what is heavy into what is light and she wants you to do it through the spiritual superpower of PLAY. Playfulness is healing, transformative and it allows you to literally alchemize the energy in your life. Have you ever been able to hold hatred in your heart when you’re laughing? Is it possible to feel anxious when you’re caught up in play? There is magic in the moments when you take something that has been difficult and heavy and you lift the energy of it into play. Again, this is not to spiritually bypass the experience. It’s important to feel what is real within you. But as you’re healing it and working with it, exalt it. See the sanctity of it. And from there, allow the energy of it to move into play and notice how powerfully you can create from this space.
Lastly, we have the energy of Parvati with us this month, the Hindu Goddess of Devotion. She brings you a beautiful container to hold around the conscious act of alchemizing energy.

Devotion is the essence of a love that never leaves, and it’s a feeling that takes us deep into the heart of who we are and what we desire. Devotion shows us our joys, our light, our soul’s drive. For what we are devoted to is a shining example of what we came here to learn, be and do.With these three goddesses watching over you this month, this is a great time to see into the potential that can be born from the darkness. And as we move through this month with retrograde planets and an eclipse, there will be plenty of time to spend in the shadow. Let the experience there guide you. Let the darkness show you what wants to be transformed into light. And commit yourself to the sacred act of personal alchemy, through play and devotion.

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