Activating the Warrior Goddess Within: Living Life with Fierce Passion

Activating the Warrior Goddess Within:

Living Life with Fierce Passion

Activating the Warrior Goddess Within

Things have been crazy, right?

I mean, there are days when it feels like the entire world has been turned upside down onto its head and all we can do is try to hang on.

Even in the midst of the unknown, the chaos, the unsettledness of it all, there is opportunity. 

Sure, you’re probably being asked to do things completely differently. You’re likely having to juggle and figure out and rearrange and reorganize.

But you know what? It’s when the pieces of the puzzle have been all shaken up that you get to see a new picture emerge.

This is where the magic happens, if you let it. ✨✨✨✨

I know that this is not always easy, though it likely can be easier than it seems like it might be on the surface.

Some of my best and most exciting work has been born of strife. The greatest necessity has opened my eyes to that which has become the most rewarding.

And this is where the Warrior Goddess comes in.

The archetype of the warrior is within you. She may feel quiet or dormant, but she’s there, hanging out in the shadows, just waiting for you to call her over. She’s been with you over lifetimes, as Athena, Durga, Kali, Sekhmet, the Morrigan, Freyja, Minerva and Bast.

You know her. 

You’ve celebrated her and owned her energy over lifetimes of struggle, success, challenges and wins. She’s in your DNA, she’s in your ancestors’ DNA and she’s in your soul lineage.

And when shit gets crazy, she rises.

She is yearning to move through you now, to share her wisdom with you, to bestow you with the courage of Athena, the discernment of Freyja, the fierceness of Kali. She is waiting to be activated within you, for you to allow her to spring back to life within you.

And if you’re reading this, she’s summoning you now. 

This may sound like a whisper and it might sound like a roar, but she’s here, leaning over your shoulder, reminding you of the immense power you have within you to move mountains and to create from a place of fierce passion from the love that you are.

Your truth, your voice, your confidence and courage are all connected to her energy. She gives you strength, discernment and the drive to move forward, to evolve, to know yourself more powerfully and to show up in the world in a new way.

She supports you in accessing and holding your boundaries and she drives the powerful truth that you are a holy being in human form, here to shine your light in the world.

She’s summoning you now through me, breathing life into a new workshop, a new opportunity to work directly with her energy and to activate it within you.

And so, from her push, I created my upcoming workshop...  

Activating the Warrior Goddess Within:

Living Life with Fierce Passion

You will love this workshop if you feel the calling to:

  • Live life from a place of deep alignment
  • ​Hear and act on your inner sense of knowing
  • ​Strengthen your boundaries
  • ​Use your voice to express your truth
  • Deepen your alignment with your higher self
  • Ignite fierce passion to manifest your desires

This virtual workshop takes place from 1pm - 4pm ET on Saturday, May 30th and will be held over Zoom. It will be both instructive and interactive. You will learn, meditate, connect with other powerful lady-goddesses, and receive deep healing through me and the goddesses.

Activate the power and the passion of the Warrior Goddess within you for just $77

Space is limited, save your spot now!

What People Are Saying About Janet's Events...

Alexandra Eisermann

Alexandra Eisermann

"I've been working with Janet for over a year now and have participated in almost everything she has to offer, from private energy healing and intuitive sessions to energy explorer retreats, divine feminine women's circles, sacred ceremony activations and reiki certifications.

To say that she has changed my life for the better is an understatement! It was while on a transformative retreat of hers that I truly jump-started my spiritual awakening and got pulled out of a deep depression and isolation that had lasted for years. 

I am so incredibly grateful for Janet, not only does she facilitate the most powerful healing and hold the most loving space, she also brings the best people - and soul tribes - together! Her love and healing ripples through the communities she creates and it is a gift that just keeps on giving. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Divine Feminine Women's Circle


I attended because I want to connect with like minded women and surround myself with opportunities that help me deepen my intuition and develop spiritual transformation.

Hearing about the energetic vibrations and feedback from spirit guides, specific to each individual, was amazing! And I loved learning more about different goddesses. Since attending the circle, I feel more grounded in power and confident in my voice. I know how to embody the goddess energy in daily life more than I did before. Thank you!"

Torrey DeVitto


"I have been doing energy work with Janet for a little over a year and have just been waiting for the timing to work out for me to join one of her retreats. As soon as I saw this one and realized the dates would work, I jumped in without a second thought!

I had the best, most incredible, relaxing, calming time. I left feeling so much more connected and deeply rooted within myself. I left feeling physically and metaphorically lighter. And most importantly I left feeling filled with so much love and joy.

Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness. She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on and lending her hand in helping you through your own self discovery.

I have felt so much more connected to my spiritual path since much more grounded and calm."

Divine Feminine Women's Circle


"I love getting together with like-minded women. Janet's energy is lovely, strong, and divine. The group meditation was deep and transformative. The day after the circle, I was lit up like an unexpected Christmas tree! It all connected to my intentions. You ignited those intentions big time! Deep bow."



"I really wanted to reconnect my body with my soul. Registering for the retreat without knowing anyone going allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and everyday routine. Initially, I was drawn to the "magical" aspect of the retreat but I left with SO much more.

It felt like a dream! All of the meditations were incredible and every single person there offered such unique energies and gifts to our group that in turn raised all of our vibrations as a whole. Everything felt amazingly authentic and the retreat flowed so beautifully.

Janet is a dream come true. She offers so many helpful tools to navigate through life as an empath. She has opened my eyes to a world full of magic, hope, and dreams (and fairies!) that I had begun to think no longer existed. At one point on the retreat, I became very emotional. It was the first time in a very long time that I actually had a moment to listen in on how I talked to myself when I am completely alone, and it surprised me to hear how much I put myself down mentally. Janet took me aside and enveloped me with such love, understanding, and advice and it sincerely meant the world to me.

Since returning home from the retreat, I have noticed the feeling of connectedness to the world around me. The retreat has unquestioningly magnified my desire to plug back into myself each and every day, which in turn allows me to realize when I am in/or out of alignment. I feel awake to all that the universe can offer me and conscious of all the little gifts/synchronicities that I am now attuned with in my day-to-day life.

It was very challenging for me to leave such a warm, loving environment and such a sacred space. But I now have so many new like-minded friends who continue to inspire and connect with me on a daily basis! I would not have changed a single thing except for making the retreat even longer."

About Your Host, Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis

Janet has been playing with energy for her entire life, but she started playing big about 15 years ago.

Through energy healing, Janet began a process of deep and transformational healing that has resulted in a complete turn of circumstances in her life.

Moving through addictions, traversing deep emotional wounds, and assuaging trauma for herself and now thousands of others has led her to a deep understanding of how we are influenced and affected by trauma in the physical world along with an ever expansive understanding of Spirit and our relationship to her.

As a highly sensitive empath and psychic medium, Janet has learned to master energy so that she and those she teaches can feel empowered and graced by their sensitive natures.

She acts as a channel for the Divine Feminine and in addition to her healing and intuitive work, she hosts women’s circles, workshops and retreats around the world.

Janet’s approach to Spirit is deeply reverent while simultaneously being irreverently FUN! Laughter is a deep heart opener that allows us to more fully connect with one another and with goddess as it prepares us and allows us to receive more deeply.