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Working With Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

Working With Goddesses and the Divine Feminine 

How about a little game of, “Did you know?”

In 2016, the US almost had its first female president - yes, first! For over 200 years, our nation has been led by men.

As of May 2018, there are only 24 female CEOs on the Forbes 500 list - that's just under 5% of the total list. (1)

Women accounted for just 17% of all the directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors who worked on the top-grossing 250 domestic films of 2016. (2)

Only 20% of the U.S. Congress is comprised of women. (3)

Thanks to the Women's March and the movement to expose and change the male/female disparities in our world, you may have heard some of these statistics. But have you thought about the fact that this isn't just part of our financial, political, physical world? Nope, the masculine has also been dominating our spiritual and energetic world... until now!

We are in the midst of a shift that goes far beyond a fight for equality in our physical world - a divine feminine reclamation. Uranus is moving into Taurus for the first time in 84 years - and this is going to shake things up for the next several years! One of the things that this is bringing about is a return to the earth, and as we return to the earth, we return to the divine feminine - coming back to procreative nurturing.

As we go through this process of reclaiming the feminine, nurturing, nourishing aspects of ourselves, our procreative aspects, the part of us women that really connects us to the process of creation and caring for that which we have created. When we work with the divine feminine, we really magnify the impact of that throughout the entire world. And that's one of the reasons that I love to work with the feminine energy, I feel its ripple effect.

So, who are these divine feminine women? They are the energetic, spiritual beings who are with us in the same way that angels are with us and the ascended masters - who some are female, but a lot are male. Some are goddess energies that we are very familiar with who have never really manifested here on earth, but we have so many other women who have rocked the physical world and gone on and become very powerful presences in the collective consciousness that we can work with. 

Check out the video below to learn more about these divine energies and how you can connect with them!

If you work with creative energy, working with the divine feminine is so powerful because it is the creative life force. Women are the energies that procreate - we carry, we gestate, we nurture and nourish, and then we birth - we bring into the world. And so I have found that when I am creatively stuck, if I'm feeling like the words aren't flowing or whatever it happens to be, I will work with the divine feminine energies to support me in opening that up again. This is just one of the many foundational tools I use to connect to and receive the benefits of connecting with the energetic field.

I'd love to hear how you connect to the divine feminine - let's connect in the comments​ under the video.

Sending you so much love,

3. The Washington Post

Spirit Animals! Who They Are, How to Work with Them & What They’re Trying to Tell You

Spirit Animals! Who They Are, How to Work with Them & What They're Trying to Tell You

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably taken a quiz on Facebook that promised to reveal your Spirit Animal. Spirit Animals have become pretty popular in the last couple of years due to mentions in pop culture, but the concept of Spirit Animals goes back thousands of years!

Let’s take a look at the history of Spirit Animals from…

“The concept of ‘Spirit Animals’ draws its origins from ancient Animistic and Totemistic beliefs about the world and our connection to it.

Totemism, a system of belief practised by the Native American Indian people, and the Australian Aboriginal people for example, incorporates the notion that each human being has a spiritual connection to another physical being (e.g. a plant or animal).

Animism, on the other hand, is more of a worldview held by many Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan and Neopagan groups of people, that all plants, animals and objects have spirits.”

Spirit Animals are just like other spiritual, celestial beings that are around us and here to help or guide us. Connecting with the energy of your Spirit Animal is similar to working with with angels or ascended masters or fairies. Just like the angels and other spiritual beings, each Spirit Animal comes through differently and has their own unique spiritual vibration. And just like other guides, you can have more than one Spirit Animal.

Check out the video below to learn more about Spirit Animals, what some of my Spirit Animals are, how you can discover your own, AND get a mini-reading!

spirit animals

Have you ever noticed that a specific animal keeps showing up in your life? Maybe you see a snake every time you go hiking, or a deer every time you step outside to have your morning coffee, or maybe you always seem to have a hawk following you on your drive in to work. Start paying attention to the animals that show up for you and if you feel a pull or connection to them. If you do, take some time to sit with or meditate on it and ask the spirit what message it has for you.

Now, I know this might seem a little overwhelming if you’re new to connecting to your intuition and working with spirits, but don’t let that scare you or keep you from diving in to find your Spirit Animal or to work with them. A great way to get started is with oracle cards, they can be a wonderful way to tap into this concept and start working with it (in the video I mention my favorite Animal Spirit deck from
The Wild Unknown, I highly recommend it!).

Know that your Spirit Animal can change and you can have more than one! When you think you might have an idea who your Spirit Animal is, before you jump over to Google, I recommend that you take a few moments to sit with and meditate on the animal you feel you may be connecting with and just check in to see how that energy feels for you.

When you’re ready,
click here for a fun website that tells you more about the meanings of different Spirit Animals.

I’d love to hear who your Spirit Animal is - leave a comment under the video to share and ask any questions.

Sending you so much love!

Energy Vampires and How to (NOT) Deal With Them

Energy Vampires and How to (NOT) Deal With Them 

I want to talk about energy vampires… If you’re a sensitive person, you probably immediately know what is meant by that, but for everyone else, an energy vampire is somebody who is emotionally stunted in some way, shape, or form - someone who believes that the world really revolves around them. 

Sensitive people seem to enter into relationships with energy vampires a lot. The danger with this is that energy vampires are people who, because of whatever has happened to them, can't seem to sustain their own life force energy. And so they will pull energy from other people and it really does feel like energy is being sucked out of you - exactly what you would expect from a vampire.

Here’s the tricky thing about energy vampires - they are actually very intuitive and have a sixth sense for detecting people who are nurturing and caring, those who seemingly have energy to give away, and they seek out relationships with those individuals.

Energy vampires can be found in every area of your life - they could be somebody that you're in a friend, it can be somebody you work with, it could be a neighbor - if you start thinking about it, it’s likely that you can identify at least one of these people in your life. It’s important to remember that all relationships are an exchange of energy. What you need to evaluate is if your relationships have equality in the exchange of energy - if not, you may be in a relationship with an energy vampire.

Energy Vampires and How to (NOT) Deal With Them

Here are 5 ways to know if you are dealing with an energy vampire: 

  • check
    They blame others for their problems and refuse to take personal responsibility.
  • check

    You feel drained after spending time with them. 

  • check
    They hold you back from personal growth because they feel threatened by it.
  • check
    You end up feeling guilty that you aren't doing enough for them.
  • check
    They pull away or ghost you if they aren't getting what they want from you.

As I mention in the video, you don’t always have to cut ties with people you identify as energy vampires. It is possible to maintain a relationship with individuals, it simply requires that you become aware, use your tools, and create healthy boundaries that will ensure your energy isn’t depleted when you engage with them.

Are you struggling with an energy vampire right now? I’d love to help! Leave a comment under the video and tell me about it.

Sending you so much love!

Are you psychic or crazy?!

Are you psychic or crazy?!

Developing a deeper a connection with your intuitive gifts is an exciting journey. But when you’re just getting started, you might experience some things that make you step back and ask…

“Am I crazy!?!?”

And once you realize and embrace that you are not crazy, but simply tapping into your intuition, the next question that comes up is…

“Am I hearing Spirit, or is this just my ego?”

In the last few years, I’ve noticed that there are more and more people raising their own consciousness, awareness, and intuition, and because there are so many people stepping into this, it creates a wave that helps activate and open up others. It’s as if a mental light is starting to go off and something is coming alive inside of us - but for most of us, this is not something that is talked about very much in everyday life. And when connecting with source or receiving messages from Spirit is new to you, it’s normal to feel like things are coming out of left field.

So I’m here to assure that you are not crazy - and you are not alone! There are other people going through the same process and experience. A lot of times, just naming the process - or identifying that you are an empath or sensitive - can be hugely comforting.

I want to help calm your concerns and support you in discovering how you can tell if you are engaging with your ego or receiving messages from Spirit. Check out the video below to hear some ways you can tell which is happening for you… 

Are you psychic or crazy?!

As I mention in the video, here are some things that can help you quickly identify if you’re working with ego or Spirit:

  • check
    Does the “hit” feel clean?
  • check
    Do you feel like you’re trying to manipulate the information?
  • check
    Did the information come in a way that is different than how you would have expressed it?

Have you had moments where you weren’t sure if it was ego or Spirit? I’d love to hear about in the comments under the video.

Sending you so much love!

What is your body trying to tell you?

What is your body trying to tell you?

Has anyone ever told you to, “Suck it up”, “Toughen up”, or “Push through it” when you expressed physical pain or discomfort?

While it may seem like this is harmless advice meant to help us become “stronger”, the reality is, this teaches us to ignore the cues our body is sending us. And when we ignore these cues, we no longer embody our physical expression and begin to move into our upper chakras - especially those of us who are sensitive or have experienced trauma. As we move into our upper chakras, we tend not to notice our body or inhabit it as fully.

When we experience pain and discomfort, there is often an intuitive expression that is trying to speak to us through our body. So when we push away these physical sensations, we’re shutting down the line of communication we have with our body and blocking the message it is trying to share with us.

How do we make sure that we acknowledge the cues from our body and how do we know what they are trying to tell us?

It’s not as difficult as you may think and in the video below, I share some great tools to help you cultivate an awareness and trust with your body.

Click here to watch now!

What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You

When you start using these tools and connecting more with your body, you’ll notice that you’re really in integrity with yourself.

So, take some time today to tune into your body - how does it feel? Are you feeling any pain or discomfort? Where do you feel it? When do you feel it? What might your body be trying to tell you?

I’d love to hear how it goes - make sure to leave a comment under the video so we can connect there.

Sending you much love!

Goddess Day: How Friday the 13th can be a Wonderful Celebration of You…

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days! What I’ve discovered since I’ve started working intentionally with Spirit is that this is one of the most powerful days for working with and claiming the aspects of the divine feminine that are within you. (This goes for any of you guys reading this as well!)

Today I’m sharing a fun “how to” so you can have your own private Friday the 13th Ceremony! But first, a little history about this day and its meaning…

In pagan times, Fridays were a day of celebration and 13 was a sacred number because it corresponded to the 13 yearly moon and menstrual cycles that occur each year. It was considered the day of Venus and Freya, the goddesses of sensuality and love and it was a day to embrace all that is sensual, sexual, and creative within us. The number itself holds the meaning of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood – all of which represent elements of the feminine.

Even the name “Friday” is thought to have sprung from Freya and in French, “vendredi” is believed to have come from Venus, both of which show the reverence that was shown for these sacred and divine feminine goddesses.

So if you’re ready to turn your view of Friday the 13th upside down, you can reclaim it as the powerful day for self-expression that it is. Below I share a simple ceremony that you can use to access these energies for yourself on that day.

And here is a fun little story about Freya and Friday the 13th…

Last October, I was facilitating my Energy Explorers Retreat on one of these lucky days. Everyone I work with knows that I just love to throw a ceremony! (And there is always something to celebrate when working with Spirit.) So, during our ceremony that night, we had a meditation with Freya. Freya has large white-feathered wings and during the meditation, she wrapped her wings around us and shared a very special moment of love with us.

It was a very powerful meditation and we were all a little altered when we came out of it. As I was regrounding, the woman next to me, Torrey, pointed at my lap and said, “Look!” There on my lap was a small white feather! We were in a closed cabin and there is no logical explanation for where that feather had come from!

Here is a photo of the feather, along with a gorgeous depiction of Freya and a few other items (I found the antler on the property, and Deer is my Spirit animal).

Simple Friday the 13th Ceremony:

  • Set up an altar and dedicate a portion of it to a goddess that you want to connect with. Freya, Frigga and Venus are all powerful to work with on this day, but if you feel called to work with another, honor that voice within you.
  • If you haven’t worked with an altar before, here are a few tips: Your altar can include anything that holds special meaning for you. Add any gemstones and/or crystals that you like along with something that represents the energy of the goddess you chose and your intention for the ceremony (more information below). An example: If your intention is to use your voice more powerfully, you might include something like an oyster or snail shell to represent coming out of your shell or a whistle or something that you’ve written. The most important aspect of your altar is that it is reflective of who you feel yourself to be.
  • If you enjoy working with the element of fire, light a candle. Candles can be supportive of your connection to Spirit, though it’s not necessary.
  • Start with a short opening meditation and call in your goddess. Feel yourself connect to her energy. You may receive a lot of information during this connection or it may not feel strong. That is okay and there is no right and wrong. Just notice what you notice and trust that she is with you.
  • Set an intention that you wish to work on and for which you’ll ask for support from your goddess.
  • Journal a few paragraphs about your intention. For this particular day, focusing on your feminine energies of expression, sexuality, and creativity can be particularly potent.
  • If you work with oracle or tarot cards, choose 1-3 cards that are focused on giving you insight into your intention and then place them on the altar.
  • Meditate and hold the intention to connect with your goddess. You can imagine she is with you, sitting right next to you. Ask her if there is anything she can share with you. If it’s easier, you can ask her to show or share a gift with you. Know that this gift, whatever it is, will have symbolic meaning for you.
  • Finish by journaling more in-depth about any information you may have received during the ceremony. You can use this exercise as a time for information to free flow from you as well.
  • When you are finished, express gratitude to the goddess (and anyone else) for their support in achieving your intention.

It’s not necessary to use all of the components above. Choose what feels right for you and take out or add in things if you feel called to do so. You can also use these same steps and modify them for any other type of ceremony, including to work with the moon.

Staying Empowered While Navigating Social Media

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of social media and the news? When there is a lot of highly charged energy being passed around, social platforms it can create anxiety where there used to be fun. This is an especially challenging situation for empaths, as we are not only experiencing our own pain, confusion and emotions, but we are also tuning into the energy of the collective emotional consciousness right now, and in doing so, we are tapped into the feelings of others.

But many of us want to understand and follow what’s happening…Now more than ever, many of us feel the need to not be ignorant of what’s occurring in the world around us.

So how can we reconcile this for ourselves? With a little awareness and discipline, it is possible to remain inspired and aligned while also being engaged and informed.

A good starting point is to tune into how we feel before engaging with social media. If you notice that you are feeling tired, upset or anxious, try another activity that can shift your mood before you get on. The experience that you have on social media is directly relational to what you take to it. And a lot of the time, we’re not even aware of what we are bringing to the interaction.

Activities such as dancing, meditating, walking in nature and laughing can shift our energy powerfully. If you do something uplifting and then still feel down though, try honoring that feeling. What is really going on? See if you can pinpoint the emotion or energy that wants to be released and express it. Follow that up with doing something to further nurture yourself. The important thing here is to listen to yourself and honor what your body, mind and spirit are wanting.

If when we tune in, we notice that the desire for social media is connection, we can call a friend, make a tea date or take a walk with someone. If it’s boredom, what can you do instead to fuel the desire to be inspired?

And if you feel that you do truly want to jump on social media, gauge yourself as you go: How are you feeling? What links are you clicking on?

In the recent past, our social media feeds were likely filled with a lot less political commentary and news than there is now. Not only is the information difficult to take in on a personal level, we are also being exposed to the super charged emotions of our family and friends who are posting them.

Here are a few guidelines that can help us to navigate social media and the news in a way that feels self-empowering. We always have a choice as to how we interact with our environment and what we choose to take in!

1. We can choose which news sources feel the best to us. There is a lot of purposefully inflammatory news being passed around right now, but we can opt to only interact with the ones that feel the most stable and unbiased and we can use them with awareness.

2. Setting boundaries for ourselves is an act of self-love! We can schedule our time on social media and we can pay attention to our bodies and what is coming up for us as we do so. When we start to feel tired or drained, we can practice loving self-discipline by finding something nourishing to do away from the computer or phone.

3. It’s important for us to be mindful and express our emotions. It’s helpful for us to feel the emotions as they arise: cry, yell, stomp our feet, laugh…Whatever comes up is ours and real and valid.

4. When we finish reading, we can further support ourselves by disconnecting from the energy of the news and the collective when we are finished. Imagine cutting a cord with the platform you are on and anyone whose energy you may have taken on and then take a few moments to bring yourself back into your body and breathe mindfully.

5. Engage in what you love. It  is supportive for empaths to balance the days out with creative activities and things that are inspiring…things that help us to remember our aliveness.

6. We have the power to tailor our social media experience. Unfollow friends or family whose posts are triggering to you and leave any groups that feel intense. Add in some fun groups that you could be interacting in that would help you to feel inspired and connected and spend more time in those.

When we remember that social media can work for us rather than against us, we regain our sense of empowerment in sometimes difficult situations. As you navigate these new waters, stay in the awareness that we get to choose our experience. Holding that awareness alone can be a powerful catalyst for a new type of social media interaction.

I’d love to hear about any tools that you use to manage social media! Jump down to the comments section to share or to ask any questions you may have.

Sending you much love!

Grace, Vulnerability and Joy

A piece that I wrote two years ago popped up this morning as a memory on Facebook. It’s a piece on vulnerability that I wrote as I was in the midst of creating radical change in my life (you can find the full blog post HERE).

Not only did accessing a deeper state of vulnerability contribute powerfully to this change, but it opened me up to a much deeper state of grace. And then that heightened state of grace allowed me to be more vulnerable, and so forth and so on in this beautiful dance that I’ve been engaging in over the past several years.
Lately I’ve been really feeling this again. I chose FULLexpression as my word for the year, and as intentions will do, I’ve been nudged over and over again to express myself in ways that have been challenging. I’ve had to be even more forthcoming with my emotions and be even more present to what is happening within me.

It’s been hard and it’s also been ~ again ~ full of grace.

Vulnerability seems to be revealed in layers and with each one that we strip away, a new rawness emerges to be addressed. This excerpt from what I wrote particularly struck me as I read my post again, two years of growth and development later:
“It takes courage to be vulnerable because it is really terrifying to open our hearts and expose them to the world. It is fiercely powerful to be seen without the armor, to come out from hiding with our hearts on our sleeves. It takes strength, resolve and maybe even a dash of insanity. But as we do the work, as we get stronger and feel more empowered from our core, our ability to be vulnerable begins to show itself as a gift rather than a danger.”
I am in awe when I see people being open and vulnerable because I feel like I’m receiving a gift from them…It is the true pearl within the oyster, the wisdom and strength that inspires me to grow and stretch myself even more and even when it would seem easier not to do so.
And I aim to do the same, through my words and one-on-one with my friends, family and clients. By sharing from my heart, I allow others to know that they are honored and held by me and that they have permission to do the same.
Sometimes it is really hard, but it is always liberating. I love more deeply, more fully, more richly when I open myself up in this way.

Sharing from the heart creates relief, space and connection. It opens us up to experiencing a vast array of emotions, which ultimately leads to a greater capacity for joy as well. It allows us to be fully US, our awesome, lovely, sloppy, clumsy, authentic selves.

I absolutely adore that version of you! 

4 The Power of Sacred Space

Recently my landlord asked if my workspace partner, hypnotherapist and crystal bowl facilitator, Becky Shanks, and I would be willing to move into a different office space in our building. When I told him that we loved our space, he said, “Well I hate to raise your rent and I can give you the bigger back space for what you pay here.”

I can see how to some people that may be beneficial, but to Becky and me…not so much.

Our office space is magical. And the reason that it’s magical is that we have cultivated love, ceremony, connection and healing in it over the past two years and another healer was there before us doing the same. You can feel the energy of it (and the smell of pure essential oils) before you even get to the door. Even people visiting the seamstress next door comment on it.

We could create sacred space in another location because the sacred comes from within us and follows our connection to Spirit and how we open our hearts to the honoring of the connection. But once you have something magical, the mystical aspects only continue to get stronger and stronger. (And so we’ll be staying where we are for now!)

Sacred space is a safe place, and over the years, I have learned the art of cultivating safe and sacred space. When this is in place, little and sometimes big, miracles are able to take place more readily; they become more accessible and we feel the Divine more fully.

For obvious reasons, one of which is my smaller frame, I can’t take my office with me everywhere I go. And so I’ve learned to cultivate safe and sacred space wherever I bring people together with the intention of healing and working with Spirit, whether that is through ceremony work or through teaching healing or intuitive development. All of this contributes to the power of my work.

But everyone can learn to create sacred space. We don’t need a special room or more objects to do so and it can be as large as a cathedral and as small as a chair or prayer mat.

Here are a few tips for creating this for yourself. The more you work with it and connect with the energy, the more powerful the space will become.

  • Create an altar.
    This can be as small as a few items or as large as an entire wall. Choose objects for your altar that hold spiritual significance for you. For mine, I use gemstones, gifts, articles from nature and more…Basically, things that represent love and that help me feel connected to Spirit.
  • Pray in the space and set your intention for it.
    I call in Spirit to support my healing, growth and understanding. I talk with my Spiritual posse and we all fill the place with love, grace and divine blessings. I connect into this energy often and connect my heart space into it every time I sit with it.
  • Meditate in it.
    Meditation is an opportunity to engage in divine dialogue. In prayer we send out our desires to Spirit, share from out heart and express gratitude; in meditation, we are able to listen and receive answers.
  • Engage in other types of spiritual activities in this space.
    Pull cards, use your pendulum, work with stones…Whatever calls to you. Every time you commune with Spirit, the space fills with more love. And the more love we are able to access and hold space for, the more powerful the space will become.
  • When appropriate, allow others to express reverence and love in this space. When you work with others in the space, the power is magnified.

Before I open any ceremony, I take time to bless the space and call in the spiritual team that most supports the intention that I’m holding. Keep any and all of this as simple as you want or make it as extravagant as you want. Intention and the love that you hold for your sacred space are the key here.

Over time you will feel more connected to your space and it will become more powerful for you. Here are a few examples of different altars to give you some ideas:

Temporary gratitude altar

Altar for a weekend immersion client

Simple single intention altar for FULLexpression

A small portion of my much larger altar

Outdoor altar for a bridal shower; working with the Brigid, the triple fire goddess

And if you would like for me to hold sacred and healing space for you, or take your healing and intuition to the next level, I am now offering one day and weekend healing and intuitive development immersions from my beloved Heart Space. If you are ready to dive into healing and opening your gifts, please contact me HERE so that we can chat about it. Each one is tailored specifically to what you want/need/feel to be right for you along with Spirit’s input.

I also offer ceremony work for gatherings and events. These sacred ceremonies can take place in your home or Heart Space if you are in Atlanta and I can travel to you in different cities. Ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate marriage, pregnancy, birthdays, friendships and more. If this interests you, let me know HERE.

Elicia Miller and I will be holding space for a small group of women to heal and access their true potential at our next Sacred Emotion Retreat in Costa Rica, September 17-24. There are still spaces and payment plans available. There is more information HERE.

“Janet Raftis has such profound healing energy, just her presence alone is transformative. She held such powerful space for me during my REVEAL retreat – it felt effortless to hear the truth that wanted to flow through me. Janet is tremendously gifted.”  

~ Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) and The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy

Much love,

6 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be an Empath


A lot is being written about how overwhelming it can be to be an empath, and there is truth to that ~ if you allow there to be.

But being an empath is a gift, truly ~ one that can help you to understand the world that you live in much more fully and that can help you to align with it in the way that feels best for you.

Here are just a few of the ways in which your trait of being an empath is a blessing for you. If you are an empath, you:

1. Are highly sensitive in nature.

This is an amazing gift once you learn how to take care of yourself! When you are feeling the emotions of other people, you have insight into their nature and their character. From this space, you get to choose how this person interacts with you in your life! If this is a stranger, you can disconnect from their energy or send it back to them or hold onto the information that you received if it serves you in some way.But, if you were wondering if someone is a good energetic match for you or if an opportunity is the right choice for you, you have access to an abundance of information that can lead you in the direction that feels best and right for you.

2. Can learn to avoid relationships with people who don’t hold your best and highest good at heart. 

In addition to feeling the emotions of others, as an empath you most likely receive an energetic impression of that person. Learning how to distinguish the emotions that you are feeling that belong to from what your intuitive impression is of them can help you to use these cues to make empowered decisions in your relationships.

3. Have a huge heart!It can be tempting for an empath to give so much of herself that she feels depleted, but if you learn to establish healthy boundaries (with yourself and others) then you have the opportunity to love in a way that lifts your own spirits, helps you to feel lovingly connected to others and the Divine, and provides you with the chance to contribute powerfully to the world.

4. Understand those you love in a truly intimate and compassionate way! 

Empaths don’t need to be alone. Sure we need time to recharge and enjoy self-care, but it’s not written into any script that we have to be overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Our empathy provides us with a powerful ability to understand how those we love feel and how they feel in relation to us. If we can separate their feelings from ours (this is entirely possible!), then we have the opportunity to go even deeper into our emotions and our authentic selves with one another. In turn, we get to experience profound growth and a deep breadth of understanding of human nature.

5. Can tune into the energy of a place before you visit to see if you even want to go there.

This is one of my favorite psychic tools! If you are unsure about whether you want to have coffee with the woman at work or go to the after-work party, tune into the energy of the place before you respond to the invite. Set the intention to access the energy of being there. How does it feel to you? Do you feel uplifted or tired? Is your chest/solar plexus open or constricted? Trust what you get here. And if you get a read that the energy will be challenging but you know that you have to go, set yourself up for success. Take a separate car, your favorite essential oil that helps to center and ground you, and give yourself time-outs from the gathering when needed by stepping outdoors for a few moments.

6. Have a powerful connection to nature! 

Empaths love, love, love the earth and all of its sweet little creatures. Animals and the outdoors recharges us like nothing else, so planning walks, hikes and outdoor time into your day gives you the opportunity to commune with Mother Earth and fill yourself back up again.

If you want to know more about how you can manage it and tap into your other intuitive gifts, I can help you! Email me HERE for more information or to set up a free chat to find out how. I’ve worked with empaths for the past dozen years helping them to understand their gifts and how to feel empowered with them.

Much love to you!

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