Claiming your Queendom with the Goddess Persephone:

A FREE Dark Moon Mystery Ceremony

During the dark of the moon, a woman’s power rises…

She becomes more psychic, more connected, more embodied and more ethereal…

All that is her connection to the Goddess comes alive and her soul essence is amplified.

For millennia, women gathered during the dark of the moon, when the goddess herself slipped away to bleed, purge, shed and renew.

Through the darkness of the Crone and into the crescent time of the Maiden, they connected with one another, held one another, sang to one another.

Image of a woman with intense eyes and a crescent moon over her third eye

At this time, their oracular powers were heightened. They healed and prophesied. They astral traveled. They midwifed themselves through death and rebirth.

The Dark Moon was a restorative time, a time to release and shed so that they could then again birth anew. It was equated with the Crone and the Underworld and all that lives in the shadows.

Before the rise of the patriarchy, this was a time that was cherished and honored. It was a time of power and a space within which a woman could come to know herself more profoundly.

And because it was a time of power, it was a time that threatened the rising patriarchy. As they wrestled control away from the Goddess, they dimmed her power, they twisted her magic, they condemned those who followed her.

June 28

Lilith Herstorical Transmission and Activation


From the prehistoric Great Mother to the patriarchal Terrible Mother - how toxic systems of oppression strove to cut women off from the Goddess and the power innate to us as Divine Creatrixes

July 5

Lilith’s Archetypal Energies


Understand how these energies have shaped your wounding and how they can catalyze your healing: the Dark Feminine, from Lover to Succubus, Great Mother to Terrible Mother, the Witch, the Wild Woman and the Queen

July 12

Rolling Out From Under Adam


Explore the impact of both Eve and Lilith’s relationships with the first man on your psyche. Heal the wounds and imprints each have left in you, and claim the healing powers of both of these ancient archetypal energies

July 19

Standing Up to God


Reclaim your sovereignty through sacred rage by exploring how God the Father has harmed or compromised you and your sense of safety in the world. Redefine the Divine Masculine as it pertains to creating spiritual safety for you

July 26

The Pleasure-Loving Goddess


Lilith just wanted to feel good. She wanted some control over her orgasm with Adam. And her punishment for that is a message to all women: your pleasure is sinful. This week, we reclaim our pleasure rites and rights.

August 2

Lilith Dark Moon Ceremony and Integration


Lilith’s power time is the waning moon. Together, we’ll go deep into the dark feminine, shedding old patterns and activating our personal Lilith archetype - the perfect recipe for your own sovereign reclamation.

Over time, the dark was made evil, the domain of the devil and the realm to be most feared.

The goddesses of the time and especially those of the Underworld were stripped of their power, made subservient, raped…they were made examples of so that women would know their place and live in fear of the wrath of the dominating male power.

But now is the time for the reclamation of the Goddess, of the Divine Feminine and of the dark, our time of power, our space of healing and regeneration.

If you’re ready for this reclamation, poised to straighten out that crown and activate your codes of queendom and sovereignty, join me, Persephone, and a powerful coven of women to activate and amplify the essence of your Queen.

In this 75-minute FREE reclamation ceremony,
you will:

Connect with the goddess Persephone to tune into your own Queendom codes

Activate Persephone’s archetype and your own Queendom codes within you

Attune to your psychic nature and activate your oracular powers

Initiate yourself into the energy of the Dark Goddess, activating your power to midwife yourself through transformative death and rebirth cycles

Janet Bio

Janet is a Quantum Creatrix and Dragon Priestess. As such, she channels the divine feminine, from the Pythia (the oracular dragon priestesses of Delphi) to the Goddess, and she works within the quantum field with the goddess to activate healing and the re-membrance of who you truly are.

She began her healing journey nearly 20 years ago as a means of healing her own trauma. She has studied many types of energy healing, becoming a Reiki Master in 2003 and later studying Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics and more. She is also a psychic medium.

In 2015, the Divine Feminine awakened within her, activating a period of deep and cathartic healing. She was guided by the Goddess to begin shifting her practice and she began to channel messages and healing from Her. She has now supported thousands of women in activating this same divine feminine re-membrance within them.

Along with her soul sister and co-sorceress, Ina Lukas, a shamanic channel, she founded Kairos Healers Academy in 2021. This year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts takes sisters through a year of radical transformation that is aligned with the cycles of the year. Together, they heal their witch wounding, align with their soul’s true magic, amplify their expression, heal wealth wounds and learn how to run a sacred business. You can learn more about Kairos at

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